The baker would stamp family initials into the dough so it would come back to the appropriate household. All rights reserved. This wheat is so special that the Altamurans have achieved the DOP (Protected Designation of … It is excellent eaten sliced with extra virgin olive oil and salt, at times with the addition of tomatoes. On the labels the mark must be used to be used inseparably with the protected designation of origin. The breads were then cooked in public ovens, marked with the initials of the head of the family. Perhaps the only bakery product to boast the prestigious DOP brand: Altamura bread is known all over the world thanks … It’s a delightful bread! Today, carving the “DOP” brand, the “Pane di Altamura”, produced by Novoforno, a … Produzione artigianale e vendita Pane di Altamura DOP, Biscotti, Focaccia pugliese, Tozzapane, Taralli, Frise, Prodotti tipici pugliesi, Prodotti da forno. In the traditional Accavallata shape, Pane di Altamura PDO has ancient local origins; it was large in size and the dough was mainly prepared at home. 0,5, it was the first product in Europe to boast the DOP brand in the “Bakery and bakery products” product category. It is obtained from the use of semolina (very rich in gluten) remixed wheat … The Mill Stream Pane Tipo di Altamura Pane di Altamura is a bread made with durum wheat from the Altamura region of Provincia di Bari in South East Italy. The “Pane di Altamura” has been recognized as a healthy and balanced food with unique nutritional characteristics, as it derives from the selection of excellent hard grains, obtained in an environment with specific geo-climatic factors, which characterizes the territory of the northern Murgia. Western and the use of drinking water normally used in the area and the use of only Yeast. The wood-fired ovens of the Santa Chiara Bakery in Altamura, established in 1423. The ancient oven of Barile's Family Specialists in the production of … On 18 July 2003, at the European level, the Altamura bread was recognized as the protected designation of origin (DOP).” -Wikipedia. Pane di Altamura, the DOP Bread seen in a Bakery in Altamura One of the DOP products they brought for us to chew on was the Pane di Altamura DOP you see in the picture. it is linked to the peasant tradition of the typical area of ​​production, that is Altamura. Ognuno ha un ruolo ben definito e tutti concorrono al raggiungimento di risultati efficaci ed efficienti, risultati apprezzati ed invidiati, mai uguali mai … It is sold fresh year-round in loaves weighing no less than 0.5 kg. Our bread line from Altamura DOP has 4 different formats, Alto and Basso, both from 500gr and 1KG. We also know that in the Altamura area at the beginning of the 1600s, there were already 26 milling facilities, confirming the great diffusion of this product and how it was born into an agri-pastoral society. Appearing today on tables all throughout Europe, it obtained the DOP … Also, the water used must meet the potabilty and certification requirements. A sample of the sourdough starter… loaf of not less than 0,5 kg in the traditional acccavallata (locally called skuanète) with hips on the sides, or low (locally called a cappid d’prèvte) without kissing; The finished product will be packaged in micro-perforated heat-shrinkable with label showing: 1) list of ingredients, production company; 4) alternatively, without any wrapping, with the sole affixation to the finished product of a stamp in biological material showing the characteristics listed above and the words “pane di Altamura DOP”. Pane di Altamura DOP – Originally, the dough for this bread would be home-made and then publically baked by a local professional. Altamura PDO bread must meet the following characteristics. Although you can Google “pane di Altamura” and get recipes using ingredients from the US, you don’t get Pane di Altamura, of course, you get Pane Tipo di Altamura, a bread … Altamura bread is a bakery product obtained from durum wheat re-milled semolina, obtained from the grinding of hard grains of the varieties “Appulo”, “Arcangelo”, “Duilio”, and “Simeto” produced in the geographical area delimited in the production disciplinary of the Consortium for the protection of bread of Altamuranella geographical area delimited in the production disciplinary that includes the territories of the Municipalities of Altamura, Gravina in Puglia, Poggiorsini, Spinazzola and Minervino Murge in the Province of Bari. To serve: crust of Altamura Dop bread. The final product is packaged in perforated heat-shrink wrapping with the distinctive and easily recognisable mark of Pane di Altamura PDO, or unwrapped. A staple of the … Our products are always fresh and consistently produced every day, we rely on the best national and international couriers to ensure maximum speed and best conservation of our products. A symbol of tradition. High quality standards are not just for the old family … For … Pane di Altamura Dop is a traditional Apulian bread product from the zone of the Murgia Altamura in the province of Bari. The Mother yeast is renewed at least three times with the addition of water and Durum wheat semolina, with the aim of increasing the fermented mass. Ogni processo di conservazione e frutto di attente analisi per garantire al prodotto una fragranza e un gusto come appena fatto. Product description Pane di Altamura PDO is bread made from a dough of ground Durum wheat, Mother yeast or sour dough, marine salt and water. The Pane di Altamura D.o.p. The ingredients are mixed in a mixer for 20 minutes. To get an idea as to how long and how much this bread has been part of the Puglia … The dough is weighed and then shaped by hand in two stages, alternated with two resting periods of 30 and 15 minutes. Pane di Altamura PDO is considered to have unique quality because the Durum wheat corresponds by at least 80% to the Appuro, Arcangelo, Duilio and Simeto varieties produced in the area, in an environment with specific geographical-environmental factors. To do this, water and durum wheat semolina flour are added. May 5, 2018 by Nat & Tim. The bread bakery factory is located in the town of Altamura, a small town in the South of Italy, and dedicated to producing DOP Altamura bread. At the center of the oval appears, horizontally, on three alignments, the inscription “bread DOP di Altamura” At Novoforno® we produce and export our quality bread, made with passion and tradition, throughout the foreign market and thanks to the company’s flexibility we are able to adapt to customer needs looking for solutions that can leave both parties satisfied. Perhaps the Latin poet Horace was the first to praise Pane di Altamura when he called it “the best by far” in 37 BC.Heading to Brindisi, just south of Altamura, Horace wrote that the bread of Altamura is so amazing “wise travelers carry a load on their shoulders for later.” Horace’s writings are proof of the longstanding obsession with this bread. To prepare Pane di Altamura DOP, the sourdough needs to rise a minimum of three times to increase the volume of the fermented dough. Half-asleep or half-cut I awoke to the sound of the shower running. Heat 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and gently fry the … For the first 15 minutes the oven is left open, after which the door is closed and the bread is left to cook for a further 45 minutes. He has been doing it all of his life and forming the … Nat was already up but it was going to take a lot for me to get out of my envelope of comfort and warmth in our cozy hideaway in Altamura… At the end of the cooking time, the door is opened and the bread is left for five minutes before being removed, allowing the steam to exit and the crust to become crispy. Pane di Altamura PDO is bread made from a dough of ground Durum wheat, Mother yeast or sour dough, marine salt and water. The origin of the “Pane di Altamura” is linked to the peasant tradition of the typical area of production. Every process of shelf life is a … The Real Dop Altamura’s Bread “The bread of Altamura is a traditional bakery product of Altamura, in the metropolitan city of Bari. CONSORTIUM FOR THE QUALITY STANDARD PROTECTION OF THE BREAD OF ALTAMURA PDO “PANE DI ALTAMURA A DOP” Origin of “Pane di Altamura” is linked to the area of production. The aroma is characteristic. Pane di Altamura PDO can be kept for a few days in a dry place. The first Bread recognized as DOP. Indeed, Altamura and Matera, 20 km away from each other, share a millenary tradition in making bread that has recently been formalized with the DOP label (Protected Designation of Origin) Pane di Altamura … 2020/02/23 - Pinterest で Hideaki Akaiwa さんのボード「Altamura bread」を見てみましょう。。「パン, 石窯, パン 屋 さん」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。 Protected by the European Union (EU) and the Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP), only bread made in these regions may be called pane di Altamura. Made from Semola Rimacinata (re-milled … The graphic symbol is made up of a “Sannitic shield surmounted by a crown, a four-quarters weapon, two by two red and white”. After years the Pane di Altamura bears the “DOP” brand. With a crusty exterior and soft yellow interior, this bread is made with local ingredients from Altamura and surrounding cities. Originating from the province of Bari near the southernmost point of “The Boot,” Altamura Bread … The production area of Pane di Altamura PDO is in the territory Alta Murgia National Park, within the entire territory of the municipalities of Altamura, Gravina di Puglia, Poggiorsini, in the Province of Bari and Spinazzola and Minervino Murge, in the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, in the Apulia region. 意大利冷盤之王The Culatello di Zibello DOP Gualerzi is a salami with a protected designation of origin - DOP, typical of the municipality of Zibello. Method: Soak the grass peas in water to soften and then boil in slightly salted water for about 2 hours. Pane di Altamura … ALTAMURA'S LAND the heart of durum wheat production Altamura's Bread. Panificio Di Gesù and Altamura’s DOP Bread. Copyright © 2017 Made by Development Agency Ltd . Pane di Altamura is, I believe, the only bread that has a Denominazione d'Origine Protetta, or D.O.P., an E.U. Altamura’s Bread. ... Great with Altamura bread… The dough is covered with a thick cotton cloth in order to ensure that it leavens at an even temperature; it is then left to rest for at least 90 minutes. Going back to 37 BC. Delicious. My interpretation of, Pane de Altamura - Carol Fields, The Italian Baker (Page #95)The bread of Altamura is the only bread in Italia, to be protected by, Denominazione d'Origine Protetta (DOP, Designation of Origin) This bake is inspired by the ancient bread from Altamura … Perfect as an appetizer or in any other type of dish, there are many traditional recipes based on this bread, like waffles with baby tomatoes, onions, potatoes and olives or Zuppa Povera, made with cubes of fresh toasted bread, tomatoes, oregano, basil, fresh garlic, salt and extra virgin olive oil. The forms are turned upside down and then put into a wood or gas oven at a temperature of 250°C. “Altamura bread, by far the best bread to be had, so good that the wise traveller takes a supply with him for his onward journey” – Horace’s Satires, 37 BC When I daydream of Europe, I can almost smell the warm aroma of fresh bread … The Culatello of Parma is defined the king of meats. Altamura bread is a Puglian product made from a specific variety of durum wheat that is cultivated in the zone of the Murge plateau near the Alta Murgia National Park in southern Italy. Altamura Bread, or Pane di Altamura, is one of the oldest to ever exist on the Italian peninsula. Bread loved for centuries. There are numerous testimonies to the origins and reputation of this distinctive bread: Pliny, for example, defines it as being “the best bread in the world”. The product is marketed as Pane di Altamura PDO in the typologies Accavallata and Cappello di Prete. “Altamura’s bread” – which achieved the CEE DOP mark (Denomination of Protected Origin) in compliance to the CEE Regulation n.2081/92 - is made exclusively with “durum wheat re-milled … “The bread of Altamura is a traditional bakery product of Altamura, in the metropolitan city of Bari. Altamura bread Guiseppe is on one side kneading preweighed portions of dough into traditional shapes with machine-like precision. My interpretation of, Pane de Altamura - Carol Fields, The Italian Baker (Page #95)The bread of Altamura is the only bread in Italia, to be protected by, Denominazione d'Origine Protetta (DOP, Designation of Origin) This bake is inspired by the ancient bread from Altamura … Today it is one of the only breads in the world with a "DOP". Altamura is a town in Puglia, Italy where they grow their own Durum wheat. The Altamura bread, with its characteristic perfume, never weighing less than Kg. designation that specifies a product and protects the name from being co-opted and … Pane di Altamura PDO has either a traditional Accavallata shape (overlapped) with crosses on the sides (locally known as skuanete), or Cappello di Prete (priest’s hat - locally known as a cappidd d’prevte), which is without the crosses; they are made in loaves weighing at least 500 g. The bread is soft, straw yellow in colour and has uniform air pockets. Operators: 18 Production(KG): 356.458 Turnover(MLN€): 0,66 Surface(HA): 118,45, Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. Now I miss Italy even more. Altamura bread is particularly special, as it is the only bread in Europe that has Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, which it was granted by the EU in 2003. The bread is therefore highly regulated; if bakers want to use the name Pane di Altamura DOP… and the famous Bread from Altamura Dop. The city of Altamura referred to bread making in its Municipal Statutes of 1527, in which there are documents relative to the “oven duty”. The finished product is very crisp and aromatic. Altamua bread has a long history. Pane di Altamura is a regional bread from southeastern Italy. It is obtained from the use of semolina (very rich in gluten) remixed wheat varieties grown in the territories of the municipalities of Murgia.

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