This daily moisturizing lotion offers you long lasting effects with its healthy loads of hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid. Packed with skin-soothing ingredients like vitamin E, chamomile and witch hazel, the NIVEA Men Sensitive Protective Lotion nourishes skin while also providing sun protection. Lastly, moisturizing is one of the more essential care strategies you can implement to your skin. $17.50 BUY IT HERE. When applied to these areas, the product does not clog the pores and will make your skin feel and smell beautiful. This addition will limit dark spots, obstruct hyperpigmentation, and stop skin cancer and aging tells. It can also help with excessively dry and cracked skin, since it contains specific ingredients that are potent and help tighten and protect your skin. Just the overall first of the bottle is not the only thing that matters. The increased presence of essential vitamins and glycerin help to repair tough dried out areas, such as the knees and elbows. What makes this body lotion unique, and worth of inclusion on the best body lotions for men list, is that it will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized without feeling overly greasy. This body lotion is no exception, and it keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized even in the toughest of sports, like elbows and knees. The organic, natural ingredients include aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and green tea. Following is a list of the best body lotions for black men, and before that, the factors you need to keep in mind to choose the right product for you. I aim to help as many readers as I can with my beauty tips. This will lessen down the possibilities for you to end up with an unfortunate purchasing experience. I am Jenna, a beautician by profession and a hair stylist by passion. The lotion is also highly recommended by dermatologists because it maintains the optimum pH of the skin throughout the day. Your skin is an extremely important organ of your body, and while most of us take care of the skin on our face, the rest of the body seems to always remain neglected, especially for black men. You are here: Home - Reviews - The Best Body Lotions for Black Men. Within each of these choices, there are unique properties that all you to solve the lingering problems of razor bumps, dry skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion – Light, Organic Body Lotion for All Skin Types. The 7 Best Shampoo for Folliculitis on the Market, The 5 Best Moisturizers for Black Bald Head, Essential Skin Care Strategies That Lotion Can Help With, The List of Top Hair Products on the Market for Black Men, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer, CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion for Men, We Review The Tiege Hanley Skin Care System, The Suavecito Pomade Review: Pros and Cons. There are many body lotions that contain filler products that do not get absorbed into the skin easily. No. It also delivers hydration in a fast absorbing manner, moisturizing even the deepest layers of your skin. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. Do this once in the morning and once at night. Neutrogena has worked with world class dermatologists in … It contains elastin, glycoproteins, and collagen which hydrate and nourish the skin. Healthy skin that is not specifically oily, dry, or sensitive, Oily skin that produces a lot of sebum naturally and experiences regular acne breakouts, Dry skin that usually feels tight, prone to peeling, and will develop into flaky or sensitive skin, Extremely sensitive skin that is prone to becoming itchy and dry, or even inflamed in response to skincare products, exposure to the sun, and other harsh soaps, Combination of skin that can be oily in various areas but dry in others, It is easy to apply with the simple bottle and pump, Cocoa butter enables the lotion to get absorbed into the skin quickly and efficiently, The powerful antioxidant in Vitamin E helps to give the skin a more balanced appearance, Some consumers claim that the smell is overbearing, While the product gets aimed for improved appearance, there are no particular ingredients targeted at the reduction of wrinkles, Absorbs quickly and makes you feel cleaner after use, Excellent lotion for moisturizing armpits in the winter, Not as long-lasting as some of the other products on the market, Since it is a thicker product, it might not be as suitable for the summer months and will be too thick for some consumers, A diverse collection of ingredients that provides all-inclusive benefits, Grapeseed oil, shea butter, and vitamin E contribute to the application of all skin types, You can also use the lotion on the beard and face too, The product gets priced on the higher end of the market, Some consumers complain of the overwhelming smell, The fragrance of the product is not long-lasting, There are more chemicals in the solution than other products, The look and design of the bottle is ordinary, Aloe vera and jojoba oil help prevent ashy skin and dryness on the skin, Because of the quality of ingredients, it gets priced higher than other lotions, The product has the possibility of irritating skin that is prone to allergies, Provides higher moisturizing capabilities than other options on the market, Efficiently satisfies the more hardened, rough areas like knees and elbows, The product does contain parabens and alcohol, The consistency and formula is more substantial, so it is not the best option for the summertime, Ceramides help contribute to more prolonged hydration, A lightweight option that absorbs quickly, Works well for after you get out of the shower, Does not pair well with acne, and can lead to a hotter feeling on the skin, For those who like a fragrance that comes with lotion, this product does not have a smell. It also ensures that your skin remains hydrated for a very long time with its patented MVE technology, which feeds moisturizing ingredients to your skin slowly and gradually over 24 hours. This list gets backed by extensive research on the top online publications in the industry. Rugged & Dapper lotion for men moisturizes the … Try to characterize yourself into one of these five groups: Through a consistent skincare routine, as well as the right product, you can maximize the health of your skin in three ways: exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing. The moisturizer also contains 3 important ceramides which maintain the protective barrier of the skin, giving it a healthy and vibrant glow. Cetaphil Fragrance-Free Daily Facial Moisturizer ... Best Face Moisturizer For Black Men #9. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Body Lotion. Your skin will feel more hydrated, softer, and attractive. They’re packed with harsh chemicals that will only do damage to your skin. The SPF 15 moisturizer helps to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburns when applied every two hours while exposed to the sun. The product is naturally centered, and its crisp clean aroma that reminds you of bananas and flowers is extremely pleasant. MARLOWE. In this article, we look at the top skin issues for black men, key skincare strategies, and the best body lotion for black men so you can look and feel your best. Dryer and more sensitive skin types are prone to becoming dehydrated, flaky, and uneven skin tone. In this article, we are going to review the following body lotions. Exfoliating in men helps individuals with oily skin prevent acne, as well as the gradual accumulation of dead skin cells. As a result, people who have allergies or sensitive skin can use it without any adverse reactions. The product is well suited for men of all ages and having all types of skins. With our guide and the list of products reviewed, choosing the best body lotion for black men will be easy since each of these products has a unique set of qualities that make it well suited for certain individuals. With special attention to hair care tips, skincare techniques, and beard styles specifically for black men, we strive to create a positive, dedicated source for you to enhance your confidence and your lifestyle. It does not leave greasy effects, and the peppermint fragrance is delightful but not too overwhelming. The moisturizer does not contain any harmful chemicals, so it is also perfectly suited for people who have allergies or sensitive skin. Luckily, the Brickell Men’s daily Essential Face Moisturiser is one of those healing balms that come in a bottle that practically performs miracles on the skin. This is why you want to stick with a product that has only the ingredients that you need. 99% of the ingredients are natural, and over 80% are certified organic. The perfect lotion after a long day of work, Jack Black Cool Moisturizer Body Lotion contains special cooling ingredients that absorb in the skin quickly to provide a calm and refreshing feeling. 10 Best Body Lotion for Black Men in 2020 [Top Picked] 1. This helps in reducing the signs of aging, appearance of lines, and wrinkles. You also need to take into account the volume of product that you get per dollar. The Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion gets manufactured by a company that developed a trustworthy reputation in organic men’s grooming and skincare products. You will now be able to relax and not have to worry about itching and scratching your skin or feel discomfort. The body lotion contains vitamin E, green tea, aloe vera, and jojoba in their natural form. This product features a formula that is highly concentrated and has hydrating ingredients that nourish the skin without making it greasy or shiny. The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion is a 24-hour, hydrating lotion for all skin types, while also improving imperfections within the skin. This daily moisturizer also contains a light cocoa scent for those who enjoy the smell after application. These include ingrown hairs, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and razor bumps. This body lotion by Hempz will help soothe the inflammation in your skin and help overcome skin issues. Alpha Skin body lotion as many benefits, and moisturizing your skin for a long period of time is just one of them. The shea butter and ginseng present in the body lotion reduce the redness finger skin that comes with inflammation and maintains the moisture barrier of the skin for a prolonged period of time. Your email address will not be published. Although most of the body lotions come with a little bit of scent to protect you from sweat and body odor, you should also keep in mind that fragrances can also be allergic or irritating to the skin. This one-of-a-kind body lotion contains 12% glycolic Alpha hydroxy acid, an ingredient that is derived from natural sugar cane and which increases the production of collagen in the skin. Hempz has gone to the big leagues, made apparent by their monstrously popular body lotion for men. The cocoa butter body lotion by Palmer’s is a proprietary blend of ingredients that provide you 24-hour long hydration for all types of skins, while also working on improving the imperfections of the skin. While considering this, make sure to choose a product that accommodates your specific skin type. Neutrogena has worked with world class dermatologists in creating all of their products, and this moisturizing body lotion is just one of their stellar offerings. The formula holds a protective active ingredient that is designed to give the surface it’s healthy pH balance and tends to the maintenance of the skin barrier. Having said that, there will be some minor residue with every body lotion, but most of the product should be easily absorbable into your skin. Top 14 Best Lotion For Black Men Lightweight Daily Face Lotion for Men. It is free of fragrance and other harmful oils, hypoallergenic, and is non-irritating on the surface. They leave a residue behind and can also create a sheen on your face that looks greasy. Even in the harshest conditions, this product keeps your skin nourished and tight. Some of the people who bought this product were dissatisfied with the rate at which this is absorbed into the skin. It is a lightweight lotion. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before you buy something that is going to applied to your face. 123 Men’s Facial Moisturizer. Researched, reliable, and always putting you first is how Dapper Mane looks out for you. Hempz uses 100% all-natural hemp seed oil, with added vitamins A, C, and E to protect your skin from environmental damages, such as pollution or UV rays. There are many great options when it comes to body lotion for black men. For people with normal, dry, and eczema-prone skin, it is a solid choice. Hyaluronic acid also ensures that the absorbed moisture is also retained in the skin. In this article, we are going to review the following body lotions Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Create a Solid Routine Black men skin care doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, or difficult. What is unique about this lotion is the oatmeal formula, which is targeted to get absorbed quickly into the skin and leave it softer and healthier. It's especially a good choice for people who are struggling with dry, or eczema prone skin. The organic formula contains mango and shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, avocado, vitamin E oil, sweet almond oil, etc. This is why it is important to invest in a good moisturizing body lotion that addresses your unique skin problems. It also gets highlighted by a highly organic formula of ingredients, which include mango and shea butter, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera, sweet almond olive, and Vitamin E oil, and avocado. It is unique in that it hydrates the skin with elastin, collagen, and glycoproteins. But because the smell is relatively overpowering, this product may not be suitable for those who could be allergic or highly sensitive to scents. 4. C.O. Make sure to utilize a light exfoliator in combination with oil control or face wash. Cleansing is also a very crucial component of bringing health to your skin. Once you have recognized the right type of need for lotion, you should research a variety of products. This means that even people who have oily skin or are prone to breakouts can use this product without any harmful effects. Coming from their PureScience line, this moisturizer is vegan and boasts being free from fragrance, parabens and artificial colors while remaining cruelty free. It will allow your skin to be adequately moisturized to set the tone for the beginning and end of your day. Additionally, hemp seed oil present in this product also enjoys long term hydration and prevents dryness of the skin for an extended period of time. The Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is also free of fragrance and is completely gentle, so it can also be used by people who have sensitive or allergy prone skin. Best Multi Use Body Oil for Black Men Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil Pregnant women use this dynamic oil (with over 5,000 five star reviews on Amazon) to help with stretch marks and scarring. Required fields are marked *. The main benefit for you as the consumer is that this product gets focused on renewal skin cells, which will slow down aging for you and give your skin a vibrant natural tone. Below, we curated a list of some of the top options available, unique features and benefits, and the negatives of each product. It’s something I love ever since my first stint at a parlour. Making sure this line of defense is healthy, moisturized, and clean takes a lot of time and effort. Most of the time, it is good to stick with a product that only has mild fragrances, if at all. The option to choose between matte and glossy without sacrificing quality or paying extra is a bonus. The shea butter works to smooth out chapped skin and soften up damaged hair. The product also works towards improving different types of skin imperfections like scars, stretch marks, signs of aging, etc. Speaking of the sun, you’ll still get a nice slow-burning tan beneath the surface. Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion. You can also use it after shaving for soothing and nourishing the skin. The vitamin E oil in the lotion stimulates collagen creation and slows down the aging process, giving your skin a healthy and natural glow. It is non greasy and fast acting. The Best Lotion for Black Men 2020: Put An End to All Your Skin Woes 1. Buy from . In the process, this product works to relieve itchy, dry, or irritated skin. This skin conditioner also gives your skin a natural and vibrant tone. And it does all this without leaving your skin feeling heavy or covered with oil. The product is well suited for all types of skins, from dry and oily, to combination skin. Here are the most important factors worth considering before you buy a body lotion: Different types of skins have different needs, for instance dry skin may need more moisture, whereas acne prone or sensitive skin may need a body lotion that is made of organic ingredients. 2. This product provides visible results of improved skin texture and tone because it locks in moisture for almost 48 hours. The shea butter in the lotion smoothes the skin and softens it up. All these elements are combined in a proprietary blend that is light and quick to absorb. Make sure also to utilize a facial moisturizer, instead of a body lotion, that gives you sun protection of SPF 30 or higher. Having said that, it does contain soy derivatives, so if you have had an allergic reaction to soy protein components, this may not be the right lotion for you. This skin moisturizer and conditioner has multiple benefits. The Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion is excellent for the cold winter months because of its thick, creamy texture. All of these ingredients not only moisturize the skin, but also renew the skin cells and slow down the aging process. Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub will leave your skin with a clean menthol scent, which is refreshing and rejuvenating. Cons. $17.99 BUY IT HERE. The 15 Best Men’s Body Lotions to Keep Your Skin Smooth. RUGGED & DAPPER Age Defense Moisturizer. This formula contributes to the light, quickly absorbing lotion that hydrates and protects your skin. Suave offers you a solution that gets highly concentrated with hydrating ingredients that are easy to apply without you feeling greasy in the process. If you are struggling with dry hands and feet, or flaking and itching on any other part of the body, this body lotion can help you with these issues as well. Maintains protective barrier of the skin with ceramides. Unscented, colorless, lightweight, and an SPF 50, this moisturizer delivers. Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion is a great product option for people who have severe dryness. Also, it can absorb quickly. What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Shaving Your Head? Within the unique formula, a collection of natural, raw, plant-based ingredients helps deliver soft, nourished, and beautiful skin and hair. Avoid lotions and creams in most drug stores. It can also be used by people who have sensitive skin, as it contains no harsh chemicals. With the help of this list, you should now have the tools and resources to select a product that will allow you to look, feel, and smell good. It contains hemp seed oil, which is naturally rich in omega 6 and omega-3 fatty acids - both of which nourish and moisturize the skin intensively. Sick of body creams leaving limbs ashy-looking after a few hours, Cosmo contributor Arieta Mujay tested 5 leading moisturisers to find the best formulas for black skin By Bridget March Feb 3, 2015 Creates and maintains healthy moisture barrier, The smell may be a little overpowering for some people, No ingredients for reducing wrinkles or sun protection, A wide range of natural ingredients that offer many benefits, Boosts collagen and has anti-aging properties, Does not have irritants or harmful chemicals, Does not clog pores or create a greasy layer on the skin, Contains fragrances which may be irritating for some people, Can be a little bit expensive for some people. As a result, you are used with youthful and nourished skin. The product contains a variety of essential vitamins and glycerin, which can help with repairing dried out skin in tough areas like elbows and knees. The product gets highlighted by an original scent and gets included with ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, and coconut-infused moisturizer. Instead, choose a hydrating body lotion for men with natural ingredients. I have been involved in everything related to beauty. Jack black is another well-known in the market that provides you a non-greasy, fast-acting moisturizing body lotion. But you also need only a little bit and it lasts for a very long time, so it more than makes up for its price. All these ingredients have been combined to form a proprietary blend that is lightweight and does not feel heavy on the skin. But, caring for your skin is an essential investment of your time and money that will provide you many long-term benefits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Buying Guide to Get the Best Lotion for Black Men. If you are struggling with severely dry skin, this is a great option for you. Aveeno has established its name as a brand that only uses natural and moisturizing ingredients in its products, and this particular body lotion is one in the line of their most stellar products. The moisturizer is also completely oil free and non-comedogenic. The cocoa butter also has intense hydrating properties which restore the moisture barrier of the skin and give it a plump look without clogging your pores. So, here we go. Use Body Lotion. Products that contain these chemicals can irritate any surface, so be aware. It can absorb quickly into the skin because of the combination of ingredients like vitamins C and B5. If you are looking for a good moisturizer to empower bald and balding men, consider buying the Age Defense Moisturizer. The body lotion contains colloidal oatmeal which is known for its ability to protect the skin. It also ensures that moisture stays locked inside your skin the entire day, which makes it the perfect choice for people who struggle with dry and itchy skin. Bigelow Lotio Mentholus. Unlike the Alpha Skin Care lotion, this product can absorb quickly into your skin a few seconds after application, therefore this is a great option for those who are always in a hurry. It is also great for acne prone regions like the chest and back, because it does not clog pores and actually prevents breakouts. Dapper Mane is dedicated to enriching the lives of black men through daily grooming habits that best reflect the confident man within.

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