Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded v5.4 Optional Window Fix - ESP Only. First time you ask her to go to the Lucky 38 she says "Back to the gilded cage" and the text box, rather amusingly states that "Cass has... reluctantly gone back to the Lucky 38" Is this a reference to something that I'm missing or is it just random. Can you get her back? This should prevent any graphical issues involving parts … 5.4 . I started the long trek to Cottonwood Cove, where I'd been told a boat would take me upriver to the Legion Fort and my meeting with Caesar. User Info: XHockeydemonX. Cass At Mojave outpost, ede in primm, Raul in black mountain, Boone at novac, rex in freeside, veronica at 188 trading post, arcade Gannon at the old Mormon fort, and Lily in Jacobstown. Activating one will send your active companion(s) back to their original locations, … XHockeydemonX (Topic Creator) 9 years ago #3. I'd like you to go back to the Lucky 38 for now. RKZX2 9 years ago #2. she should be at the bar in the Mojave Outpost. Usually, after finishing their (must have) personal quests, it's off to the Lucky 38 with them. Then I recruited somebody else in the hope it would bring her back but I still cannot find her. File size. Re: [Let's Play] Fallout: New Vegas - Lucky 38 Lounge [Spoilers Likely] I put thoughts of who I should ally with aside and decided to focus on the task at hand: revenge. Finishing Lucky 38 Reloaded - posted in New Vegas Mod Requests: The mod Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded is arguably one of the best Lucky 38 replacer/redos available. Cass and the Lucky 38. 18 Aug 2020, 3:03AM. Date uploaded. Return to the Lucky 38 and House will show you the new improvements with the securitron army. Like said above, if you've unlocked the lucky 38 then you can send all of them there. Yet, tragically, it is unfinished - furniture is scattered everywhere, the charger for drained fission batteries (for use in the teleporter … The unique message is as written " Cass has the Lucky 38." Cass asked Six, ''It's been a calm last few weeks, hasn't it?'' 69 Let's talk about how close you're following me. But when I got there she was not there and she has NOT returned back to where I found her either. The Courier smiled. The Courier nodded and Cass took a seat on the Casino's stairs. She isn't there, I've looked … This new armaments will appear on all securitrons, even if you happen to cross Mr. House later. 15 ... Cass thinks PC farted} Look, if you ripped one, I don't care. {Under her breath} Robots there give me the creeps. Cass asked emerging from behind the Lucky 38's doors. All companions are missable. One is mounted on the side of the Gun Runners kiosk and the other is next to the casino floor elevator of the Lucky 38. As of July 2011 (360 patch, PS3 patch 1.06, PC patch, there are two Companion Dismissal Terminals in the game. 105KB. Only cass is wandering around my suite atm, and thats because I already did her quests and havent had a need for the whiskey rose yet. Well, for some more than others, but I'd say pretty calm nonetheless. Unique DLs - Total DLs - Version. Cass will not stay long with a Courier who has negative karma, in addition to that she will not talk to the Player if he/she is an … Fear 10 {Wary, doesn't like 38} All right... don't be long. I always liked how Cass was the daughter of a Fallout 2 follower, and her personality in general, but it never popped out as much in comparison to Boone's overpowered sniper or Veronica's adorable quips. XBL: RKZX2 PSN: RKZX2. I have waited about 10days now and I still cannot find … I recruited Cass in New Vegas then told her to meet me at the lucky 38. ''It most certainly has. Which is just the way I like it. Cass hates going to the Lucky 38 and has a unique text when/if the player sends her to wait in the Lucky 38. User Info: RKZX2. I accidentally dismissed Cass instead of sending her to the lucky 38.

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