Stewart admits that Otsego County officials requested his input into the situation due to prior animosity between the owners and County officials, but avers that "[t]he State of New York did not and never has issued a certificate of occupancy for the [Premises]". Debt Settlement & Collection. (Affidavit of William Stewart, ¶ 7). The building must match the plans you submitted to the city. New York State Corporation & LLC Document Services Request: DBA for Corporations and LLC's (Assumed Name) $235.00: Obtain a Certified Copy of a Certificate of Incorporation: $135.00: Obtain a Certified Copy of Articles of Organization: $135.00: Obtain a Certificate Under Seal: $135.00: Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing: $135.00 Certificate of Occupancy without Building Inspection. A New York Certificate of Occupancy can only be obtained through an authorized government agency. Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is the most important component of the project closeout process. The final step in the permitting process for new construction is typically the Certificate Of Occupancy. At a minimum, a certificate of occupancy will generally state: The use of the structure. Certificate of compliance or occupancy. CHAPTER XXXII. by the llnard of Standards and Appeals and i"ued pursuant to Section 646 of the ~ew Y

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