Low-priced headphones are valued for their stable build quality and usability, and their sound quality is powerful and tends to be favored by low-range enthusiasts. That fueled my curiosity, and I eventually got a pair. Cable 1: 2m-3m 9.8ft 3.5mm to 6.35mm coiled cable Cable 2: 1.2m 3ft 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable with microphone OneOdio Headphones are now available in India ! Finally, let us now answer the million-dollar question – How does this $30 pair of headphones sound like? SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY. Let’s take a closer look at why the OneOdio Pro-10s stand out a mile in the crowded field of budget studio headphones. The OneOdio Pro-10 is definitely not the best sounding pair of headphones that I know of. The OneOdio A10 is a entry-level ANC headphone. Red Dot Geek participates in the eBay Partner Network, an affiliate program designed for sites to earn commission fees by linking to ebay.com. The black/red version actually looks a lot better, and I could have used it as a pair of spare or for traveling. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OneOdio Pro-10 at Amazon.com. Overall, Both headphones are tied for build quality. Firstly, they’re foldable, so they won’t take up much room if you’re traveling with them or putting them in storage. Meanwhile, the frequency response covers 20Hz-20KHz, which is ample for anyone. I only have one word to describe the build of this pair of headphones – plastic. Closed-back. When in range the headphones have almost zero distortion. Thank you! Self-adjustable and flexible headband delivers a fatigue-free listening experience." I created this website to spread my knowledge in the world of DJing! Not really good build quality – Kind of hollow and flimsy. Free Exquisite Gifts. Review summary for OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones Studio Headphones with Shareport Foldable Wired and Wireless Professional Monitor Recording Headphones for Guitar Amp Online PC Tablet Home Office Online, based on 865 user reviews: OVERALL - 8.5/10. Not a critical flaw, just irritating. It’s another pair with a surprisingly good build quality and durability at its price point. The headbands have some flex. The OneOdio Pro-10 is one set of studio headphones that deserves to be front and center of your studio and DJing armory. OneOdio Pro 10 Headphone Review & Comparison with M50x, M40x, JBL Quantum 100! They also feature cool glossy finish trims and black matte plastic, adding to a feeling of quality. 2 Years Warranty. Loved by over millions of customers worldwide. Really? Another thing I like is its 90° swiveling earcups. The headphones also come with an adjustable band so you can get just the right level of snugness across your head. OneOdio Pro 10 Headphones Review these are budget oriented headphones that I had purchased from Amazon India and these turned out to be great in terms of sound signature find out what do I feel abo… Bluetooth 5.0 establishes a connection between the OneOdio A10 the master device. But unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time to work on the YT channel for now…, Your email address will not be published. They're in the top 3 bestselling wired headphones and have dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi Headphones or Mpow 059. Required fields are marked *. Buy it now. The earpads are thick and cushiony, it is comfortable enough to use for the first hour. Worthy to be on a store display shelf. But yes, this where I kind of regret. OneOdio Pro-10 are a very popular option in the middle of the wired headphones price range. I did receive a reply that OneOdio Pro-10 Studio Headphones will be available in two weeks. Sensitivity: 110dB +- 3dB Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz. They’re comfortable, easy to store, and offer incredible sound. Head Gear. I hope this has helped you to better understand, and if you have anything to share with this guide, please feel free to comment below. This product is manufactured by a brand known for making good headphones. First impressions and packaging aside, the headphones itself is actually not too bad either. Search Head Gear. This may look weird to some people at first, but yes, the Pro-10 has 2 audio jacks – 6.35mm on the left, and 3.5mm on the right. OK, so the OneOdio Pro-10 looks great, is versatile, comfortable to wear, and has excellent specs. A little battered from the postage, but sealed with plastic wrap and protected with air pockets. OneOdio A10 review: Price and competition At the time of writing, the A10s cost £54 from Amazon but there’s a promo code from OneOdio (ONEODIOA10) … Secure and Verified Payment. V-Moda M-100 vs LP2: A Detailed Comparison, Best Studio Headphones – The Ultimate 2020 Guide, DJ Headphones for Small Heads: Finding the Perfect Fit, The Best DJ Mixers For Beginners in 2020 – A Detailed Guide With Reviews. But here goes: Importantly, it didn’t make my ears bleed. You can’t help but be impressed by the thought that’s gone into the design. More on that below. So what caught my attention is that the OneOdio Pro-10 only costs 30 bucks, and it actually has a lot of positive reviews. In my opinion, you could be looking for a very long time to find a similarly priced pair of studio headphones with the quality the OneOdio Pro-10 offers. Menu Log in Register OneOdio pro10 - Reviews. In my opinion, you could be looking for a very long time to find a similarly priced pair of studio headphones with the quality the OneOdio Pro-10 offers. Meanwhile, the round ear cups rotate 180 degrees left and right, so they’re less likely to slip when you swivel them for single-ear monitoring. But it gets progressively uncomfortable to wear for long hours if you have big ears as I do… As you can see, the earpads are not quite enough to cover the entire ear, and “ear under cushion plus pressure” is surely not going to feel good over time. Head Gear. In that time I've played a lot of gigs and gone through a whole bunch of equipment. Ideal for people on a budget who want a ANC headphone. Before buying this pair of headphones, I have actually already done some homework. It has a tendency to flip in the reverse direction when picked up, flip whenever taking the headphones off after use. While I will not recommend this for professional studio work, but I will recommend this as a good alternative for students or people on a tight budget. Overall, still has decent build quality. All I am saying is, don’t have any high hopes that a $30 headphone is going to perform as well as a pair of $300 headphones. OneOdio is a hidden popular brand that offers many low-priced DJ headphones on amazon. My new goal is to spread my knowledge of DJ products with the world through this website! Well, I will stick with my trusty old Audio Technical ATH-M50X, and it wins hands down. I’ve enjoyed a number of low- priced headphones over the years, but so far I’ve only tried one noise-canceling pair that cost less than $60. If you are serious about your DJ career, you are not settling for mediocre headphones. OneOdio Pro-10 Review. Your email address will not be published. If you want to buy it, check out this article. Add To Cart. With the aim to reflect “The Power of Music”, OneOdio Technology has always been focusing on creating the best sound experience for customers around the world. Earcups are not metal… Produces a hollow sound with some light taps. But as the usual story goes – Most of these are crappy and reflected with overwhelmingly negative reviews. Along with its versatile and adjustable features, it is one great performing pair. Are the positive reviews for real? Nice. A pair of headphones, huge earcups, boring straight flat black design. Thank you for reading, and we have come to the end of this review. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ... OneOdio Pro 10 Headphone Review & Comparison with M50x, M40x, JBL Quantum 100! As you probably Guessed, OneOdio is a Chinese company that makes headphones, earbuds and a couple of earplugs as well. Here is another DJ Stereo headphone from OneOdio. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that OneOdio Pro-10 are more popular wired headphones, based on their 300+ reviews. OneOdio Over Ear Headphones Review. OneOdio Pro-10 are $4 less expensive than average wired headphones ($36.99). A good pair of studio headphones can easily cost hundreds and this is… $30? Let’s be honest here. Read on to find out! OneOdio (also called OneAudio) recently focus on Pro stereo headphone and thanks, the Pro-10 indestructible headphone is the best of them based on performance and design. OneOdio is a manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in audio production. It delivers powerful bass and feels comfortable too. They’re also highly versatile and robust, making them a great choice either in your home studio or while DJing. Now, there are many “budget self-proclaimed studio headphones” floating all over Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and more. Home. nice review, do you any yotube vids to follow? Rating Power: 30mW Plug Type: 3.5mm/6.35mm stereo. I was actually kind of expecting a “basic box”, but this came in instead. I’ve played stacks of gigs and gone through a whole bunch of equipment. Added by Wretched Stare; Create date Dec 8, 2019; Tags oneodio; Overview Reviews (1) Gallery. Build Quality-Comfort- Design: The battery life is great for its a $30 headphone. OneOdio does offer the Pro-10 in various different colors, and I just got the black version out of laziness. We are compensated for referring traffic. Oneodio Pro-M Over-Ear Headphones has an extraordinary brushed metal earpiece with a red and dark styled earphone, They are smooth and in the event that you didn’t have a clue about the value point you would think they are considerably more costly. I have no particular problem with the idea of benefits in return for honest reviews as long as everyone is clear that this is happening, and OneOdio have not been. Additionally, DJequipped.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. DJequipped.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. To be honest, unless you’ve got a keen sense of hearing, you’re not likely to notice much difference between the OneOdio Pro-10 and almost any high-end set of studio cans you care to mention. Given the price tag, it is very respectable, both in build and sound quality. USA Warehouse Distribution. They’re comfortable, easy to store, and offer incredible sound. The OneOdio Pro-10 has a 50mm neodymium driver, which is at the high-end of the 30-53mm diameter standard studio headphone range. This is where the OneOdio Pro-10 Studio headphones come into play. Not much to complain about, except that the fake leather thing is going to peel quickly with some sweat. Warning: by applying the coupon code at the end of this review you can buy the Studio Pro M Wireless headphones at a discounted price.. OneOdio Studio Pro M Wireless headphones: the complete test When OneOdio first reached out and asked me if I’d like to review their new budget-priced noise-canceling headphones, I was nervous. We are introducing OneOdio Pro 10 headphones and give an honest review and specification. The earpads are thick and cushiony, it is comfortable enough to use for the first hour. The hinges hold together but feel kind of flimsy. But does the sound cut it? I wrote a mail to OneOdio India enquiring about availability of the headphones. I had no option but to order OneOdio Pro-10 and ordered on 3rd August 2020. Understandable, but it just didn’t feel as solid as my ATH-M50X. Without a line of sight, the range reaches slightly less far. OneOdio focuses on designing and producing high-quality headphones with great sound and stunning appearance. Also, the earcups are hanging way too loosely. Latest reviews. Another advantage is that if you’re using them around others in quieter environments, you’ll avoid the tuts and disapproving glances as the closed-back design means the noise won’t travel far externally. The ear cushions have plenty of soft leatherette and memory foam padding, too, so irritation should be at a minimum while keeping comfort levels satisfyingly luxurious. It passes on astounding bass and feels inconceivable as well. It can take either 6.35mm or 3.5mm as the input, OR 6.35mm as the input and daisy chain the 3.5mm to another headphone. Welcome to a review of the OneOdio Pro-10 studio DJ headphones. They’re also highly versatile and robust, making them a great choice either in your home studio or while DJing. If you want to buy it, check out this article. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Close to its adaptable and flexible features, it is one stunning performing pair. Does block out a certain degree of environmental noise passively. OneOdio Manufacturer OneOdio Model PRO-10-RED-IN Product Dimensions 18.01 x 14 x 10.01 cm; 250 Grams Item model number PRO-10-RED-IN Hardware Platform MP3 Player, PC, Tablet, Smartphone Special Features Hifi Microphone Form Factor With microphone Headphones Form Factor Over Ear Batteries Included No Batteries Required No Connector Type Wired usb However, it’s in their functionality where the design really comes into its own. The Oneodio pro 10 headphones and these are supposed to deliver never before seen sound quality in this price range so we are going to check if they can deliver to the hype, and I am also going to compare these with m50x, m40x, and JBL Quantum 100 because a popular Youtuber has mentioned that they come close to m50x which is a really extraordinary claim. So, just how well does it stack up against the “real big boys”? The two detachable spring cables that come with the headphones offer a generous 10 feet of cable, too, so when you involuntarily (and inevitably) begin hurling yourself around when you spin the latest banger, you’ll at least have plenty of leeways before there’s any danger of either the 3.5mm or 6.5mm gold-plated plug popping out. We also participate in affiliate programs with Bluehost, ShareASale, Clickbank, and other sites. The connection is stable even when blocked by a wall. We are introducing OneOdio Pro 10 headphone and give an honest review and specification. Review summary for OneOdio Adapter Free Closed Back Over Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones Professional Studio Monitor Mixing Telescopic Arms with Scale Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers Black, based on 1000 user reviews: OVERALL - 8.8/10. Its ambitious and demanding mission is to provide high-quality products at an affordable price. OneOdio designed these headphones for vigorous DJ use. OneOdio Pro 50 Studio & DJ Headphones close back, disturbance dropping, remote headphones with a support wired affiliation. By gadgetgroot on Monday, September 14, 2020. The answer is a resounding, “yes.”. The headphones do fold into a more compact size for keeping, headband itself is also sufficiently padded. Full marks to the prompt delivery of the same as i received the product within 24 hours ! Headphones. But I won’t count on it to survive punishments, nor does it seem to last long. Final Thoughts On The OneOdio Studio Pro-10 Headphones. So OneOdio Pro-10, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $70 Akai Professional Project 50X, as seen on the chart below. You want top-notch headphones that offer performance and will not break the bank. Just pop them flat in their pouch and off you go. OneOdio Pro-10 The OneOdio Pro-10 is made of glossy finish trims and black matte plastic. Hey it’s Blake! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Instruction manual in multiple languages. Good luck and may the cyber force be with you. These closed-back over-ear beauties may be ludicrously cheap, but where these are concerned, you don’t get what you pay for – you get far, far more than that. NO MORE ADAPTER. The first thing I noticed was the smart red stitching on either side of the headband, giving them a small but crucial bit of individuality over so many other headphones in a similar price range. The black/red version actually looks a lot better, and I could have used it as a pair of spare or for traveling. How the OneOdio sounds like is kind of difficult to fully describe in words, and it is subjected to personal preferences. Last, SharePort tech means you can connect headphones without a splitter switch – and therefore, without losing crucial volume. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OneOdio Adapter-Free Over Ear Headphones for Studio Monitoring and Mixing, Sound Isolation, 90° Rotatable Housing with Top Protein Leather Earcups, 50mm Driver Unit, Wired Headsets with Mic (Pro-50) at Amazon.com. Over-Ear. Just how does it fare? This time I will review OneOdio Pro50. First Impressions As you can see, the box is a little beaten up from shipping from China. Specifications: Speaker: 50mm Impedance: 32 Ohms. Yep, if it is not Captain Obvious enough with the given price – The OneOdio Pro-10 cannot be compared with a pair of real professional headphones. ! About USD $30 (As at the time of writing). Finally, here is the OneOdio Pro-10 headphones in a nutshell. mashable.uk "Best Studio Headphones in 2020--The most outstanding studio headphone of this list has to be the product of OneOdio thanks to its distinctive features." OneOdio® Pro-10 Studio & DJ Headphones (39674 reviews) $27.99 $38.99. Please don’t misunderstand though, I am not saying that the Pro-10 is bad by any means. This adapter free headphone will surprise you with comfort and clear sound. 3.5mm audio cable with microphone (black). And no, I was not expecting a pair of $30 headphones to have proper packaging. The only thing they might struggle slightly with is in the definition of very high notes, but this is a minor quibble. Yes, the headphones are capable of taking in both the 3.5mm and 6.35mm audio jacks. While the OneOdio didn’t produce rich and vivid sounds like a pair of true professional headphones do – I will say that it still produces mighty decent sound quality for the given price; For $30, this thing does well, and there is nothing to complain about. REVIEWS "BEST FOR COMFORT> OneOdio Pro-10. With a line of sight, you can move 33 feet (10 meters) before the connection drops. These headphones boast loads of deep bass, but it strikes a nice balance to allow the mids and trebles to come through beautifully. OneOdio does offer the Pro-10 in various different colors, and I just got the black version out of laziness. Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been a pro DJ for nearly 10 years, and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I have been a professional DJ for almost 10 years. This thing is pretty good for its amazingly low price in terms of price/quality. The OneOdio over-ear headphones are capable of providing superior and clear sound quality.

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