Three terrific books about Al were released in 2020 – The Weird Accordion to Al by Nathan Rabin, Weird Al Seriously by Lily Hirsch, and Black & White & Weird Who’s Gonna Stop Me? PUPPETRY: A form of theatre using puppets in its storytelling. Our online theatre trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top theatre quizzes. Generally, it is considered bad luck to wish someone good luck in a theater, the expression “Break a Leg” replaces the phrase “Good luck”. something the character wants (to get, to make, etc), The central question is whether to stay or leave and usually has elements of rupture (pain of departure) and potential (the probability of return). 1. Appreciative of, responsive to, or zealous of beauty or what is pleasurable to the senses. motivated by character wants. Observers notice the ways in which plays release energy. Weird definition is - of strange or extraordinary character : odd, fantastic. Heroes are comforting because we can categorize them easily. Often the core of dramatic tension resides in keeping information from the audience. Shakespeare's Connection to weird Synonym Discussion of weird. theater Building where acting takes place (also a cinema) theatre The world of this type of acting, or the world of acting in general; the art itself. One option is to believe in witchcraft. main or central character. If the name is spoken in a theater, there is a cleansing ritual one can do to rectify the mistake. Short, horizontal draperies hung across the stage above the acting area to mask the overhead lights and the flies from the audience. In the early days of theater costuming, it was extremely difficult to make blue dye, and thus expensive to purchase. The rational origin is that theater was, as most people who have worked in the industry will tell you, never a greatly profitable profession and despite being macabre, graves were a great source of free flowers. What word describes talking to yourself? Before electric lights were commonplace in theater, the stage was lit by candles, although this is not the origin of the superstition – the unlucky candles had to be on the stage (i.e. An abstract concept that part or all of a play is about. Weird: different from … This quiz is about terms in current use in the theatre. ), 1. STUDY. It prevents those still living from having to cross the stage in the dark, injuring themselves and leading to new ghosts for the theater. 2. Directed by Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory. Our aim is to create an engaging and informative platform that supports an appreciation of artists and the Australian arts industry. Transverse curtains drawn from both sides of the stage, upstage of the Grand Drape; used to mask an upstage segment of the stage. It is said that the person nearest to the shortest candle will be the next to marry, or the next to die. 2. The ability of theatrical elements to grab our attention. Many veteran thespians tell stories of sets collapsing, curtains catching alight and other disastrous events during performances with peacock feathers. A characters moment of recognition or realization, often at a climactic moment in the play. Teasers. Creates tension between empathy and objectivity. Find another word for weird. The Best Books of 2020. ); these are specifically for those working in the arts. It can also be a source of distraction for vain actors. The association between peacock feathers and the evil eye is best illustrated by the Greek myth of Argus, the monster whose body was covered with a hundred eyes, these eyes were transferred to the tail of the Peacock. The best witchcraft explanation is that Shakespeare put a curse on the play so that no-one, other than him, would be able to direct it correctly. While visiting London, the Simpson family comes across Sir Ian McKellen outside a theater showing “Macbeth.” Every time “Macbeth” is said, something happens to McKellen. – Similarly, for the curtain call, when actors bow or curtsy, they place one foot behind the other and bend at the knee, thus ‘breaking’ the line of the leg. Macbeth. Theater folk avoid using it, referring to the play as ‘The Scottish Play’ or ‘The Bard’s Play’. Information known by some or one of the characters (a messenger speech, or a character reveals information to another character to get them to do something). A comedy that is gay, witty, sophisticated, and usually set against a background of aristocratic or well-to-do society. From "petrichor" to "bibliobibuli," find out the meaning of 8 weird words here. 2. Another origin is that there is more swordplay in it than most other Shakespeare plays, and, therefore, more chances for someone to get injured. Any high school aged kid who is involved with drama and or theatre at their high school. The silver that countered it was proof of a successful company, as it proved to the audience that they could afford real silver or they had a wealthy backer. Theater folk avoid using it, referring to the play as ‘The Scottish Play’ or ‘The Bard’s Play’. Logic prevails on this one as with dim lighting, busy people and highly flammable fresh paint on the set, you are running the risk of burning down the theater. Something to describe, illuminate, or expand upon something we don't know or cannot easily be told. A characters moment of recognition or realization, often at a climactic moment in the play. Superstition: Having three lit candles onstage is bad luck. If one was whistling backstage it could call a cue before its due, which could have disastrous outcomes resulting in someone losing their job whether it be the whistler, the stage manager or the technician. Al is featured on the new Portugal The Man single “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” – available now on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else music is streamed or sold! The tension in theatre between giving order to lived experience and the counter tendency to create chaos. Funny Theater Geek Gift Musical Life Eat sleep theatre Shirts Eat - Sleep - Audition - Rehearse - Rehearse - Freak Out - Kill it on opening night - Repeat Funny for musicians, tech crew, directors, vocalists. 5. One night, she sees that the front door is slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside. The who, what, when, where, how, and why that surrounds any given action. Other variants include: Reciting a line from another Shakespearean work, brushing oneself off, running around the theater counter clock-wise, or repeating the name 3 times while tapping their left shoulder. 61 synonyms of weird from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 129 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Theatre Midterm Terms. To keep the ghosts of the theater subdued, there should be at least one night a week where the theater is empty, this night is traditionally a Monday night, conveniently giving actors a day off after weekend performances. 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While it is adhering to the ‘rule of three’ having lit three candles on stage is considered bad luck. Plays that ask "what do I owe myself, my immediate family, or others?". 1. The myth is that many believe that mirrors are a reflection of the soul and breaking one can mean seven years bad luck, not only for the breaker but for the theater itself. Bat Pussy is an American pornographic film, believed to have been produced and possibly released in the early 1970s.Ostensibly a spoof of the 1966–1968 Batman television series, it has been cited as the earliest example of a pornographic parody film and more infamously considered to be the worst pornographic film ever made.. how do they go together? They can be powerful, but potentially distracting. Anagnorisis. by Lisa Kay Jennings January 7, … Backstage, we hear theatre terms tossed around quite a bit. A sign is anything that has cultural meaning. The reason for this superstition was that before the invention of walkie-talkies or comms, the cues for the theater technicians were coded whistles given by the stage manager. Play in which the plot moves forward through a series of scenes that move from the present into the future, Set of connections you discover between yourself and the play. Superstition: It is considered bad luck to whistle on or off stage, as someone (not always the whistler) will be fired. The study of signs, signifiers and signified. The act of making something strange to force the spectator to think about the choices inherent in a situation. For veterans, we invite your comments and corrections. Immerse yourself in an elegant masquerade of intoxicating allure with an exclusive and intimate exhibition of Theatre Bizarre’s decadence and delights! The lighting plot maps out the color, location, brightness, and shift between lighting cues. Superstition: It is bad luck to wear the color blue onstage, unless it was countered with something silver. A classic tragedy is about the good person who gets into trouble through some error or shortcoming (a tragic flaw). It is made up of a signifier (an object, a sound) and a signified (a mental concept associated with that signifier). PLAY. The terms "comedy of manners," "drawing-room comedy" and "high comedy" are often interchangeable. Depending on your theater the stories will change, but there is one specific ghost, Thespis, who has a reputation for causing unexplained mischief. The mirror superstition has since been challenged with the successful musical Chorus Line, and its famous mirror scene. A non hosted horror movie show with an announcer introducing movies on WXXA-TV Channel 23 Albany, New York in the early 1980's. Thespis, of Athens (6th BC) was the first person to speak lines as an individual actor on stage, thus the term “Thespian” to refer to a theatrical performer was born. Superstition: It’s considered good luck traditionally to give the director and/or the leading lady, after closing night, a bouquet of flowers stolen from a graveyard (never give flowers before a performance – They are yet to earn them so it’s bad luck!). A reversal that generally refers to reversal in a character's fortunes either from good to bad or bad to good. Superstition: Saying the word ‘Macbeth’ in a theater will result in extreme bad luck. PROPS/PROPERTIES: The objects actors interact with onstage. You have to have the right people in the right parts. Some shows are done entirely with puppets, while other … It’s also known as the “Equity Light” or “Equity Lamp”. This crossword puzzle, “ Theatre Terms, ” was created using the Crossword Hobbyist puzzle maker An honest, active, transparent commitment to both assertion and cooperation in working with one or more others. Another says the props master from the original performance stole a cauldron from said coven, and the witches, again, weren’t impressed. – If the audience demands numerable curtain calls and the actors are moving on and off stage via the wings they may ‘break the legs’, ‘legs’ being a common name for side curtains/masks. begins in stasis, moves to intrusion, and eventually returns to stasis. A fictional persona that an actor embodies in the production of a play or to whom the playwright assigns an identity. – part of the set). Superstition: It is bad luck to have mirrors on stage. In this list I delve into the world of theater superstitions and try to provide the reasons for their existence. (what are the different parts? Conventionally, the light is placed downstage center, illuminating the space when it is not in use, to keep ghosts with enough light so that they can see, which keeps them at bay. Tampa Theatre is the work of architect John Eberson, who also designed the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. If the name is spoken in a theater, there is a cleansing ritual one can do to rectify the mistake. trigger + heap. How to use weird in a sentence. (See arena.) For newcomers who are wondering just what all the jargon means, we offer this glossary of theatre terms. PLOT: In technical terms, the plot refers to the design of the lights. Theater Folk are a superstitious lot, and considering the amount of things that can (and do) go wrong in a performance, it’s not surprising that folklore has popped up giving an explanation to these occurrences. Shakespeare's Globe is the only building in London allowed to have a thatched roof since the Great Fire in 1666 Ghost Light: Before the entire theater is closed for the evening, all lights except for a single, exposed, incandescent bulb are left on stage. There are several possible origins for this superstition. BLOCKING – Rather than standing in front of someone so that they can’t get by, ‘blocking’ in the theatre world refers to the exact placement on a stage where an actor needs to be during a scene. Putting TV stars in plays just to get people in is wrong. Ball believes figuring out the theme should be up to the audience. You can fit the whole of the Fortune Theatre on the stage of the Dominion Theatre. You have to make theatre inclusive, and at the moment the prices are exclusive. Even though it was a very weird name, people then in the Elizabethan era thought it was a good name, penis that is. Information that is known to everyone on stage. These myths go above and beyond walking under ladders and opening umbrellas inside (although those are adhered to as well! The feather is said to represent a malevolent ‘evil eye’, that bestows a curse on the show. The ritual I am familiar with is: The person is required to leave the theater building, spit, curse and spin around three times, before begging to be allowed back inside. A reproduction in any form of anything we can perceive with our senses, visual, or otherwise. What was the name of shakespheares theater? A world of heroes, villains, and victims. Superstition: Saying the word ‘Macbeth’ in a theater will result in extreme bad luck. Items such as books, plates, and swords are props. Match the correct term to its definition and see how well-versed you are in the world of theatre! Much of the plot focuses on exploring the past and its relationship to the moment in which the play is set. World Theatre Day has been held on March 27 every year since 1962 when it was the opening day of the “Theatre of Nations” season in Paris. For the third time in its eight-year history, the Weird Sisters Theatre Project has a new team of producers. The structure of the play is retrogressive as opposed to progressive or episodic. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Average score for this quiz is 5 / 10.Difficulty: Tough.Played 3,156 times. Quiz: How Many Thespian Terms Do You Know? Figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them. In 1909, the English writer James Redding Ware published a dictionary of 19th-century slang and colloquial language called Passing English of … With Udo Kier, Virginia Newcomb, Amanda Marquardt, Amelia Gotham. The art of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage. is an interactive theatre and arts platform servicing the Australian performing arts community and theatre-going public. Theatre is a wild and wacky industry, here's just a small selection of incredible facts about theatreland: 1. Thank you for becoming a member. Terms in this set (103) Travelers. Graveyard flowers are given on closing night to symbolize the death of the show, and that it can now be put to rest. Small units in the scene that can be isolated as actable events unto themselves in which a single transaction is taking place. when you completely comprehend what a person is going through that you understand their feelings, thoughts, and motives. Specific maneuvers within the character's overall plan. These five women — Natalie Fox, Asia Howard, Renita James, Erika Miranda and Ibi Owolabi — are expected to lead the company, which does theater by women for everyone — for two years. Semiotics. main character in opposition of the protagonist. “If you want more people to come to the theatre, don't put the prices at £50. According to one superstition, Shakespeare himself got the words from a coven of real witches, who, after seeing the play weren’t impressed by their portrayal. Superstition: There should always be a light burning in an empty theater to ward off ghosts. This is the term that Ball uses to describe this concept. CALL TIME – The time in which an actor must be present at the theatre for an audition, rehearsal or show. NB: The superstition is even parodied in an episode of The Simpsons. theatre in the round Any theatre where the audience is seated on every side of the stage. This is another superstition with a practical value: The backstage area of a theater tends to be cluttered with props, set pieces and costumes, so someone who enters a completely darkened space is prone to being injured while hunting for a light switch. Down a seedy city street in her neighborhood, young Enola Penny is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre. The study of signs, signifiers and signified. Implied text that is not said or the thought going on beneath the words a character uses. Companies that were failing would wear blue garments to try and fool their audience as to their success, and likely go bankrupt due to the cost of the costumes. Superstition: Peacock Feathers should never be brought on stage, either as a costume element, prop or part of a set as chaos will ensue. 10 theatres in weird places. Superstitions: Ghosts haunt theaters and should be given one night a week alone on the stage. 2. There are many theories of the origin of this superstition of wishing luck to the actors, but here are a few: – After a good performance during Elizabethan England, actors were thrown money on the stage and they would kneel down to collect the money thus ‘breaking’ the line of the leg. Great for people in drama league, high school, or college, for actresses and actors alike.Makes a perfect funny A comprehensive database of more than 37 theatre quizzes online, test your knowledge with theatre quiz questions. Superstition: To wish someone ‘Good luck’ before a show is bad luck. Plays have the energy to release intellectual, emotional, and physical forces. As a new theatre opens inside the Cutty Sark, Lucinda Everett finds theatres in an old lavatory and a watermill The plan of a character to get what they want. Theater midterms weird terms. A sign is anything that has cultural meaning. As of Nov 28 20. COMEDY-DRAMA : A play somewhat heavier than … But the option I believe is most likely is that, due to the plays popularity, it was often run by theaters that were in debt and as a last attempt to increase patronage; the theaters normally went bankrupt soon after. Stunt casting and being gimmicky does the theatre a great disservice. Right and wrong. Fox, primarily a director, has a B.A. However, having a mirror on stage can cause technical issues, such as reflecting light into the audience or into places never intended to be lit.

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