Weighing a total of 5.2 ounces with a measurement of 7.25 inches in length and coming from the manufacturers of USA. While HME’s entire product line rightly turns heads and can certainly get more customers in your door, their Three-Piece Field Kit is definitely worth some prime shelf space. Where the Field Dressing Kit is technically made for wild game in the field, this is more for the butcher and cook at home. It can certainly be a rewarding feeling going from the shot, to tracking the buck, to butchering and processing the meat. So the more deer you down, the more practice you will have on how to field dress a deer. While the Talon Hunt is specifically designed for field dressing and meat processing, Havalon does offer Talon kits for other activities and all blades are compatible with all Talon kit handle sets. There is a sharpener made of carbide provided along with the knife holder, and it is secured inside the sheath itself. For the price I think you’d have a really hard time finding a better deal that delivers all these goods! The knife always worked and did the job, but as looked around, I started to see that these “kits” were popping up all over. The kit includes a T-handled 8.75-inch bone saw; 7.5-inch fixed-blade, drop-point caping knife; and a 9.5-inch fixed-blade, drop-point knife complete with a gut hook. Of course, time is a compromise for most of us in our modern, largely industrial civilization. The two-knife set includes a gut-hook, skinning knife, and a caping knife. The comfort of keeping it should always be there. ADD. Once your game is down and your tag is notched, the real work begins. Best Field Dressing Kit for Hunting 2020. Nomad South Bounder Beanie - Realtree Edge. As the bacteria start to replicate inside the organs of animals instantly and for the safety of the consumers, people use field dressing knife. Value. These field-dressing kits are designed to help with that chore. Cover all the tasks of field-dressing game with the Buck Knives® 141 PakLite™ Trophy Kit. We've paid careful attention to the angles on the sharpened edge to make field dressing a breeze. I’m certainly not alone in my appreciation for Case knives or the reputation they’ve established over the past 130 years — they make phenomenal knives. Whether you’re dressing a deer or larger game like elk or bear, you’ll find all the essential game cleaning supplies you need to take your meat from the field. Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit - Portable Butcher Game Processing Set with Storage Case, for Deer Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Survival (10-Piece) 4.7 out of 5 stars 314. Assemble your gear and mentally prepare. Back to top. Share. So, if you are planning on purchasing a hunting knife, then you must remember some important features that are a must. Field Dressing Techniques; A Game Care Kit; Field Dressing Larger Game; Field Dressing a Deer: Detailed Instructions; Transporting Game; Topic 5: Summary. Top Selling Game Processing Knife Kits . As the name identifies, a knife specially made for dressing huge organs of hunted animals on the hunting spot. More recently, Outdoor Edge’s patented replacement razor blade system has earned notable buzz, and the design has turned once bulky knife kits into single-handled, multi-tasking knife sets compact enough to attach to your belt or throw in a cargo pocket — the RazorPro Saw Combo is a great example. 58. The material of the handle of the knife comprises of two main components, the Gray Micarta, and the Durable sheath, thereby, not only ensuring high and reliable performance but also a comfortable fit in your hand for the perfect use. MSRP : $ 71.99. Find A Free Safety Kit Near Buckfield. The knife always worked and did the job, but as looked around, I started to see that these “kits” were popping up all over.

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