Many thanks This happens when you first buy a bonsai and is something which happens constantly during the growth period. Sweet Plum Curved Trunk Bonsai Tree Large. 6th August, 2016. Do you feed your bonsai? In summer therefor an outdoor position is appreciated. Sageretia Theezans. 3rd May, 2017. SWEET PLUM Up for auction from Wigert’s Bonsai Nursery in Florida. Carissa Macrocarpa Bonsai Care About The Natal Plum Flower Bonsai Tree A shrubby evergreen native to the tropics, the natal plum gets its name from it's tasty fruits that resemble a standard grocery store plum fruit. I’ve read that it might be getting used to new place, and was watering it every 24-36 hours. I will keep a close eye on it over the next few weeks. mohammed This will evenly rewet the whole root ball. 9th December, 2016., Hank My tree has some very little spots under the foils. I have watered it almost twice a week (when dry on top and needed) I also bought fertiliser from your website and used it weekly (following correct instuctions). If it is worse than this please email a photo to and we can take a look and give you better advise, – The next day the leaves start to curl and became crisp how can I save my bonsai? Any advice would be helpful. In Japan, the fruit traditionally is pickled and salted. I’ve had my Chinese Sweet Plum for about 3 months and I placed it by a windowsill with some sunlight but its winter so not much. Young growth is reddish in colour before it matures. I think the base went dry for a day last weekend. – – 12th September, 2013, Thank you for all the advice. Sweet plum (Sageretia theezans), a favorite among bonsai enthusiasts, originates from China and has distinctive glossy leaves that are less than 3/4 inch long. Now the leaves look healthy, but only growing in specific areas. Sarah – Bonsai Direct, Ana It is a technique which we call wrap around and it works really. Kind regards and Happy New Year Seasons/Availability Cherry plums are available in the summer. The Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia) enjoys a bright filtered light setting. Kind regards The leaves coming out are large compared to the original leaves. 13th September, 2013. bonsaidirect Sarah, Ciara Thank you, It sounds as though it could have scorched; if the leaves went crispy and dropped. 4th January, 2017. Hello, I was wondering if you could please help me. – The Sweet Plum’s bark sheds while the tree is quite young and the trunk becomes multicolored with age. – – Home Other Seeds Plant Bonsai Mandarin Orange Flores Edible Fruit Tree Plantas Healthy Food Home Garden Easy To Grow 10 Pcs I look forward to watching it grow! The Sageretia or Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai tree has beautiful bright green foliage. I have made a cut in the bark and it doesn’t look overly green to me. Beginners bonsai trees and bonsai kits are great fun. When the new shoots are about 3cm in length prune them back to the first pair of new leaves. 19th June, 2014. 99 $2.77 $2.77 At first bite, the Cherry plum is sweet and spicy and then it finishes with a perfect kiss of tart to balance the sub acid sweetness. The Sageretia or Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai tree has beautiful bright green foliage. Thanks for the reply, I agree I think it dried out too much and I cannot see any green anywhere. I got a Chinese sweet plum tree from this website in december. During colder temperatures, leaves may drop unless kept in a warm environment. bonsaidirect Hello guys, I have Chinese sweet plum bonsai tree, about one year old. Jaid S. Sep 22nd 2020. The overall condition of my tree deteriorated due to illness and it’s taken a long time to get back in to condition. – It grows to 1–3 m tall and has small green leaves 1.5–4 cm long, and a leathery multicoloured trunk. I have only tree to cut the damaged leaves until know but a significant amount of leaves have been cut. When this bonsai tree sheds its bark the trunk will become multi-colored and appear stunning. I hope this helps The other areas (the top and the sides) haven’t had any leaves for a few months now. The leaves are small, light green, oval and shiny. I think it is probably just the old leaves dropping – this is perfectly normal because they are being replaced by new leaves. At Bonsai Direct we use Biological Control to control some pests in our growing areas. Edible Berries Chaparral white mulberry (Morus alba “Chaparral”) and the cherry tree "Bright N Tight" (Prunus caroliniana) are good for bonsai and yield edible berries. – Hi, Exclusively from Eastern Leaf. I tried cutting small dry branches, however they look light white, not green on the inside. Kind regards When I water it, the water goes straight through. The layer immediately beneath the bark needs to be green from these branches to grow leaves. Mini Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai (Sageretia). Care information included. Diospyros kaki, the Oriental persimmon, Japanese persimmon or kaki (from the Japanese name 柿, pronounced ), is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Diospyros.Although its first botanical description was not published until 1780, the kaki is among the oldest cultivated plants, having been in use in China for more than 2000 years. Firstly, small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Did the leaves go crispy or change colour when they dropped? Only be concerned if the new growing tips are affected. Cheers, bonsaidirect They are beautiful and give a stunning whimsical look to any room in the house. The Chinese Sweet plum bonsai arrived in perfect condition and is just gorgeous! kind regards bonsaidirect 5th January, 2017, Hi Ant, As a process, Bonsai encourages contemplation and discipline. 13th June, 2015. Bonsai Direct Proper care will result in small fruits appearing on the tree. Required fields are marked *. I hope this helps, Dear Mohammed, How exactly do I go about the feeding, do I just pour this 1 liter of mixed water all over the soil? The Flowering Sweet Plum is a tree from the family Rhamnacae, native to southern China. Please could you email me a photo and I shall check this for you. Pot may vary depending on avalibility. This sweet plumb curved trunk bonsai tree is also known as sageretia theezans and it is a Bonsai tree that will do well growing indoors. However, there is still very good growth off the trunk. Do you feed the bonsai? Proper care will result in small fruits appearing on the tree. kind regards Prepared in this manner it is called umeboshi plum and is commonly found in Oriental markets and natural food stores. Watering is done via a tub underneath to avoid over watering. Sageretia bonsai tree arrives in a 6" rectangular pot and measures 8"-10” tall potted. It used to be placed in a large airily room with good sunlight but drafts at times so when it started looking poorly I moved it into a smaller, slightly darker room (still with good natural light at times) with a regular ambient temperature. I hope this helps. Then due to my concern about any development of root fungus due to its unique watering I have repot it in a mixture of 2 bonsai compost and 1 akadama with some CuCl to prevent any root rot. It sounds like you may have a watering issue, Your bonsai may need a larger pot this summer if it has not been re-potted for 2 years – if there is plenty of room then it should be ok for another year. What should i do, Bonsai Direct Just one last question, should I cut it back – obviously not the thicker branches but the fairly new ones that grew just prior to this happening, should I cut them all off to give it a better chance or will this cause distress?? You are correct, only feed when in leaf. Hi i have bought a sageretia bonsai and left it in a bright spot for 7 days and it looked well. 18th October, 2017, Hi Hank, I would recommend moving them to a warmer position until May, Kind regards Sarah, PanagiotisL These leaves will drop off. 3rd July, 2017, Dear Rowena, I purchased a sweet plum bonsai from you back in August. 5th August, 2016, Dear Vivienn, It does not sound great. The instructions on the 100 ml bottle states that 5 ml is to be mixed with a liter of water and that the plant should be fed once a week as well. Sarah. It is kept in a well lit room but not in direct sunlight. I bought a sweet plum bonsai from you in May 2013 and all of the leaves have fallen off completly. Thanks for the photos Mike – your bonsai has definitely dried out – I can see the crispy leaves. This happens when the bonsai cannot take water up to the leaves quickly enough so the tree drops its leaves to protect the roots and branches. However over the past four weeks it has dropped leaves continuously and the new shoots are yellow. – Are you having trouble with your bonsai? They look like small black insect eggs but the tree looks still pretty healthy. – 23rd May, 2013. there is no reduction in in foilege as its getting alot of new growth however i am considering trying to water it every other day, Bonsai Direct 20th December, 2015, Hi Sarah, How to Care for a Sweet Plum Bonsai. Hi, I received a Sagertia about a month ago and have been watering regularly, but I am a quite worried becausr all the leaves seem to be falling off. – California residents. Later they started shrivelling up and had pretty obviously died. Sarah Sarah, Caroline Bailey Find the cheap Exotic Fruit Seeds, Find the best Exotic Fruit Seeds deals, Sourcing the right Exotic Fruit Seeds supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. A number of leaves are turning brown and I do not know what to do., Giuseppe The Chinese Sweet Plum only produces fruit as it matures, It would need to be 13-15 years before it fruits. Primarily, the Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting) or Sageretia theezans is a pretty indoor bonsai which has a great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. Sarah, Ed Young growth is reddish in color before it matures, and … I’ll do as you say and hope for the best. Some say that the leaves also give off a plum scent. 21st November, 2018, Hi Ciara, From memory – it may have dried out – in which case I would expect it to lose all the leaves. It is not possible to over-water and cause a problem in one day. I water it when the soil is dry, it is on our conservatory window sill and I put outside when the weather is nice. It is evergreen and the flowers are small and inconspicuous; the fruit is a small and edible. – – To see if the branches which do not have any leaves on are alive you need to make some small nicks in these branches with your thumb nail or sharp knife. Choose from the beautiful Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia), Fig tree (Ficus retusa), Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans), Pepper Tree (Zanthoxylum piperitum) and Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla). – 1st December, 2016. Should I take any action to prevent any issue for my tree? 18th October, 2017, Hi, The cambium layer being green is a great sign. I received a bonsai tree as a gift 2 months ago and it started to slowly dry out. bonsaidirect Condition:--Ended: Aug 28, 2020, 11:46:44 PM PDT. 29th June, 2015, Thank you so much for your reply, could you explain the wrap around technique in more detail please? Watering it now in winter every two days. – – Is there a hope to save my tree?

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