As you may have noticed during your visit to the Zoo, crews have been working for several weeks to replace the iconic dome. According to the Zoo, the initial maximum daily visitor capacity at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will be reduced by approximately 75% upon reopening and reservations will be required in advance. CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - One of the largest cranes in Ohio was needed to lift a new dome structure that is part of The RainForest exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo… The CLEVELAND METROPARKS ZOO is located near BROOKSIDE PARK on the southwest side of Cleveland, with offices at 3900 Brookside Park Dr. Long before Wolf Wilderness and The RainForest, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's "hot" attraction was Monkey Island. A new dome will use state-of-the-art technology to improve lighting, energy efficiency and animal habitats in The RainForest when it is complete in fall 2020. Even before it was done, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's RainForest project became clouded in scandal and costs that ballooned to nearly eight times original projections. Crews have been working for several months to replace the dome that is an iconic feature for the building that shelter 10,000 plants and 600 animals. Zoo News 2.0 August: Raise the Roof on The RainForest. Order long-lasting building materials for theme parks, zoos, and water parks.From poles and timbers to custom rafter tails and specialty hardware, American Pole & Timber can supply zoo and theme park builders with everything they need for amazing projects.We have supplied parks projects all … Built in 1997, Wolf Wilderness was the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's second attempt at immersive design, which carried on the legacy of The RainForest. Now, more than sixty years after its debut and a couple face-lifts later, Monkey Island is looking better than ever. The RainForest at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is 28 years old. Continue down the path and it will open to the hub of The RainForest, the two-story orangutan habitat where you will find the ever popular Merah. Still the largest capital project ever undertaken by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, The RainForest is home to more than 10,000 plants and 600 animals from Asia, Africa and The Americas. The RainForest at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is more than 28 years old. Occupying 165 acres, the zoo is home to 3,300 animals of over 500 different species, and by 1995 had an annual attendance of more than 1.2 million. A new dome will use state-of … Known as the Cleveland Zoological Park until 1975, it evolved from a herd of American deer placed in … Zoo … The RainForest at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is more than 28 years old. Merah is a 5-year-old Bornean orangutan, and she lives with her mother, Kera Wak, her father, Tiram, and the Zoo’s fourth orangutan, Kayla. Crews have been working for several months to replace the dome that is an iconic feature for the building and the space the orangutans call home. The list of closures includes many spaces at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, like The RainForest, African Elephant Crossing, Wolf Lodge, Primate, Cat & Aquatics and more. RainForest favorites. The island and moat were recently reshaped and resurfaced to better simulate an African habitat.

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