DNS-Serververbund. Or, read our configuration instructions (IPv6 addresses supported too). Overall Google Public DNS is a very good option for anyone looking to try out a third-party DNS server. Konfigurieren der Suchliste für DNS-Suffixe für einen nicht zusammenhängenden Namespace Configure the DNS suffix search list for a disjoint namespace. This means that most will have a DNS server nearby resulting in faster internet speeds. Um sie zu nutzen, ändern Sie die DNS-Einstellungen in Windows. So to sum up, if you are looking for a free DNS server that has decent performance and one that comes with all the standard features then Alternate DNS is a good pick. Daneben steht außerdem eine DynDNS-Anleitung für Ubuntu-User bereit. Considering these notable features, Yandex DNS can easily claim to be among the best DNS servers in the world. The next free DNS servers which make our list of best free public DNS servers is Level3. Netflix and Spotify, among others.. Provides security against ISP DNS hacking. But, in general, we use the DNS server provided by our ISP, which is usually not that reliable, secure, or fast. Celui-ci se charge alors de la résolution du nom de domaine, et vous indique à votre machine comment se mettre en relation avec… in 2018, the company released a new DNS service which is one of the best free and public DNS servers that you can use today. IP Addresses for DNS: (Default), (Family protection). Very Informative article. To fit into different needs, it comes in three modes. Beyond privacy, its server is also up to the task when it comes to running smoothly. Root Servers. According to the website, Google Public DNS protects users against various kinds of phishing attacks, especially if you are using older hardware to access the internet. Even then, if a reputable DNS server is crowded with overwhelming traffic, you might end up being disappointed with that. DNS is one of the building blocks of the internet without which the internet as we use and know today wouldn’t exist. Remember how we said that you will have to test out each DNS server to find out which one will serve you in an optimum capacity? Once you know which DNS server you are using, check it against our list of recommended DNS Servers. OpenNIC. List of Best Free Public DNS Servers 2019. Habt ihr einen eigenen eingefügt, könnt ihr die vorgegebene DNS-Adresse entfernen. The company asserts that it doesn’t log any data neither about the users nor about the usage of the service. The address is anycast from multiple locations but if you are living in Denmark, you will want to punch in the numbers for optimized performance. So I changed to Level3 DNS and it seems to be working great, no more problems, faster than before. OpenDNS also comes with self-healing technologies with its servers spread over three continents. Wi-Fi & Wireless. If you are already using a different DNS server and are happy with it, do share it with us by writing in the comments section below. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Not to mention, Yandex DNS has a robust protection feature that blocks malware and bots. Both of these versions come with dedicated controls ranging from parental controls, phishing protection, and enhanced speed. Root Servers. YOU are my LAST hope/help!! As mentioned above, DNS servers translate the human-readable domain names that you enter into a browser (like techworm.net) into the public IP address that’s needed for your device to actually open and interact with that site. That ends our list of the best free and public DNS servers that you can use to enjoy fast, free, and secure internet on your devices. We have created a list of the top 5 Best DNS Servers based on the results of our 2 polls: 5. You can also use online sites like WhatsMyDNSserver to quickly check your DNS service provider. Secondly, their DNS servers bring boosted speeds with the company claiming more than 28% speed increase when compared to other DNS providers. Google public DNS Server is one of the popular and free public DNS Server. Provides protection against botnets, malware, adult content. IP address:, DNS server: and, gateway: Bei guten Routern kann man den DNS-Server halt manuell ändern, z.B. Es gibt 13 Root-Nameserver, die fortlaufend nach dem Schema .root-servers.net benannt sind. The best part is that you don’t need to install any app to get all these features. Google Public DNS also supports IPv6 addresses. An extensive and constantly updated list of encrypted DNS servers (DoH and DNSCrypt) that are free and publicly accessible. Yandex DNS. In fact, the DNS server provided by your ISP may not … Now, this is definitely something you should rely on. Though many free DNS servers are fully equipped to deliver reliable performance and even safeguard the data thanks to the essential features like firewall policies, filtering, and rate-limiting and blocking to ward off DDoS attacks, most paid ones are better due largely to the much-improved website performance and more advanced nameserver setups. WLAN-Schnorrer sind nicht immer leicht aufzuspüren. Ein DNS-Server ist eine Art Telefonbuch, welches dem Computer hilft, eine bestimmte Adresse oder Webpräsenz zu besuchen und/oder diese zu erreichen. Thank you so much and I am looking forwward to touch you. Mozilla has started enabling encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) with the latest version of Firefox for users in the US. Though most DNS servers are touted work smoothly, not all of them are able to deliver the needed performance. Now come public DNS servers, which are going to be the crux of this list. Try to reach any archive sites. It’s one step closer to an Orwellian future. It does this by sending a DNS query to several servers, each of which translates a different part of the domain name you entered. Yes, this is one of the downsides of using Google DNS. IP Addresses for DNS:, I was using OpenDNS for years but it stopped working, internet connection kept quitting. So, if you are on the lookout for an alternate DNS that can deliver reliable performance in most aspects including speed and protection without costing an arm or a leg, this one can fit into your needs. Signed profiles are offered by AdGuard and NextDNS. The DNS server is totally free to use and doesn’t require any installations. However, if that doesn’t work for you, there are multiple free DNS services that you can try from down below. Es ist möglich, mehrere DNS-Server zu verbinden. This list of public and free DNS servers is checked continuously. DNS aka Domain Name Server is designed to translate domain names into machine-friendly IP addresses to help browsers like Chrome load internet resources. It offers DNSofferHTTPS, as well as DNSoverTLS. There are multiple reasons why you may need to use a different or alternate DNS. 17.07.2020; 2 Minuten Lesedauer; In diesem Artikel. DNS-Server aus Österreich Download aller 10 gültigen Nameserver: Die hier gelisteten Nameserver werden ständig auf Erreichbarkeit und Funktionalität getestet . User contributed unsigned profiles for several DNS providers are hosted by encrypted-dns.party. Um in Zukunft das Problem zu umgehen, habe ich hier den ultimativen Tipp für Euch! As a result, you can access your home computer much faster from anywhere in the world. Not as suitable for people living in different countries because of distance. EDIT: … The second thing you must check out before picking out a third-party DNS service is the “Speed” as it plays a vital role in accelerating the internet activity. If the DNS Client service does not receive a response from the first DNS server within one second, it sends the name query to the first DNS servers on all adapters that are still under consideration and waits two seconds for a response. In short, if you not looking for an ordinary DNS server replacement and want ample levels of control on which setting you are allowed to tweak, then OpenDNS is going to be the ideal pick for you. By keeping obscene/offensive content away, it ensures both enhanced smoothness and security. In den letzten Jahren erscheinen mehr und mehr Anbieter von öffentlichen Servern, die jeder frei nutzen kann. Level 3 is no longer a thing. The network manager does it now. Currently, OneDNS can be accessed for the regular version, but if you want to gain entry into some power-features, then there are paid plans that you can try when you have come to your decision. We are currently migrating Level 3 content to centurylink.com. If you have an IPv6 connection, then these services are also going to be provided at the IP addresses 2001:67c:28a4:: and 2a01:3a0:53:53:: As the name suggests, SafeDNS allows for content filtering in several areas so that you do not erroneously wander off into uncharted territory where you will be greeted with things like malware, adult content and other things that would be not suited to the eyes of an average internet user. Neueste Hardware-Tipps. If you want to change your current DNS server to Google Public DNS, you will need to change your IP addresses to and Ten of these servers are in the US, one in London, one in Stockholm, and one in Japan. List of Fastest Free and Public DNS Servers – 2020. If yes then below is the list you should follow. If you wish to experience a feature-rich option among best free DNS Servers, this is where your search should end. Everything considered; if you want an old and reliable DNS service that will never let you down, do try out OpenDNS. DNS Root Servers . Am bekanntesten ist sicherlich der DNS-Resolver von Google. Here are our suggestions: Google Public DNS; OpenDNS; Cloudflare DNS; DNS.Watch ; Google Public DNS. Might be a bit too secure for some users. In fact, the DNS server provided by your ISP may not … TOP 10 BEST DNS SERVERS #1 Google Public DNS Server. Nslookup (name server lookup) is a command-line tool that is used to diagnose and validate DNS servers and records, and to find name resolution problems in the DNS subsystem. Notably, premium DNS also provides advanced reporting, two-way authentication, and solid administrator control. Furthermore, it also blocks phishing websites along with the ones which have been flagged for carrying malware. Level3 is pretty solid. Hammad has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. IP Addresses for DNS:, DNS steht dabei für “Domain Name System“. Nextdns is the fastest and best DNS provider till now. You can pass the output of the Get-DnsServer cmdlet to the Export-Clixml cmdlet by using the pipeline operator. Keeping everything in mind, DNS.Watch is a reliable DNS server that you can use to surf the web with the desired freedom. Firstly, the company never logs your IP address, which is what your ISP uses to track your internet habits. The first on our list is Google DNS Server. I did not see a difference on my hard wired computer but all the Wifi’s While it’s primarily a paid service, there is a free tier and I think it’s enough for most users who just want a simple DNS server to filter the web content. Here is the best DNS server list we organized for you. How did Cloudflare’s not get onto this list? Moreover, the company also promises robust protection from security flaws around the internet. Additionally, UncensoredDNS states that it only uses the data for capacity planning of the service. Here are our suggestions: Google Public DNS; OpenDNS; Cloudflare DNS; DNS.Watch ; Google Public DNS. Best for people who have younger siblings, or children using the internet. So far, Norton ConnectSafe offers you three different variations of protection and they are detailed as follows: When you start using the service, you will be able to use Norton ConnectSafe’s systems and routers, meaning real-time protection for when you start browsing using this DNS server. These top-tier DNS servers are named A through M for the first 13 letters of the alphabet. You might experience some slowdowns every now and then. On Windows 8.1 Question: I kept getting DNS Probe errors, and every time my DVR starts to record, my laptop loses internet connection. We have created a list of the top 5 Best DNS Servers based on the results of our 2 polls: 5. Read how to change your … Thankfully, today, many companies are providing free and public DNS servers which you can use without having to spend any bucks. Top 10 DNS Servers for Gaming 1. The DNS Client service sends the name query to the first DNS server on the preferred adapter’s list of DNS servers and waits one second for a response. Why should you look for an alternate DNS. However, the online method is slightly erroneous and wouldn’t provide you correct local DNS server IP. There are 13 important DNS root servers on the internet that store a complete database of domain names and their associated public IP addresses. Will you please drop me a e-mail? Google DNS may be the fastest, but they screw with your traffic more than anyone else and can cause all kinds of problems for technology workers that are producing unusual traffic patterns. For more than one reason, Yandex DNS is a complete DNS server. Ein DNS-Server (Domain Name System) ist eine Art Telefonbuch für das Internet. Great for people who are looking for security. in die (Google) usw. When you type a website address into your browsers address bar and press Enter, a DNS server goes to work to find the address that you want to visit. “Depending upon distance between your place and DNS server, there will be speed improvements” this is totally inappropriate! Just connected to Norton and it seems to be working for me. Er übersetzt die Domainnamen in IP-Adressen, über welche die Server dann technisch angesprochen werden. Fügt hier mit dem Plus-Zeichen einen DNS-Server hinzu (zum Beispiel Block access to malicious domains and adult content. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here is the best DNS server list we organized for you. Now, if you want to switch to this DNS server, you will need to change your IP address to and While most of us never switch from our ISP provided DNS servers, its a good practice to do so, especially if you value your privacy. The security features can be a bit too aggressive. DNS Server bzw. It’s the world’s most leading and largest DNS Server available online. Once you know which DNS server you are using, check it against our list of recommended DNS Servers. If security against phishing,malware etc is my top most priority then which DNS server should I use? The DNS is completely private and is made for people who are concerned about security, Aside from blocking the adult websites, it is great because it provides security features such as DNSCrypt as well as DNSoverHTTPS for added depth of security. So let us the list of Top 10 Best DNS Servers. As a layperson, I’d like to understand DNS traffic control on a rudimentary level if at all possible. There are three most important things you must keep in mind before switching a DNS? DNS Checker provides free DNS lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world. One unique feature of OpenNIC is that, depending on your location, you are offered different servers. I put all these numbers in my DNS preferences though and wonder if there’s any advantage, or any harm, or what: Do I continue to leave the top empty?? My computer says is an invalid IP address, that IP Add is not meant for your IP..you have to put it on DNS SERVER..BELOW. First and foremost, “Reliability”. Figuring out which DNS server is best for you will require you to test out each alternative by yourself because like we stated earlier, even your location will play a role in determining how optimized your internet experience ends up becoming. Not best for people who want an unfiltered internet experience. OpenDNS is also regarded as one of the best DNS servers out there because they are more geared towards power users, or people that know what they are getting themselves into. CleanBrowsing is for those users and particularly parents who want a safe experience on the web for their kids and families. Mit ist der neue DNS-Server von Cloudfare gestartet. However, when I first heard about the CloudFlare DNS, I was a bit skeptic because I was not sure what I am getting myself into. Zwei bekannte DNS-Server, die weder zensieren noch Zugriffe protokollieren und die wir daher für die Verwendung im eBlocker empfehlen: . UncensoredDNS servers are operated by a privately funded entity and present a ton of features for the average user such as improved security, speed and of course reliability. That cmdlet generates an XML file of the configuration. This Russia-based option has a whole list of features: Performance – Gets you faster access to the web; Protection – Blocks malware and bots; Content filtering – Prohibits access to adult content; UltraRecursive DNS. It is also one of the best DNS servers for gaming. Well, that is because there are three main attributes that determine how fast a DNS server truly is. DNS.WATCH is a third-party service that allows you to have access to the fast and uncensored internet and that too without paying a single cent for it. DNS stands for Domain Name Server and its primary objective is to link an IP address with a domain name (or a website name). Er soll ein schnelleres und vor allem auch sichereres Surfen erlauben. It aims to boost up your browsing experience and improved security. One unique feature of OpenNIC is that, depending on your location, you are offered different servers. OpenDNS servers provide faster and secure internet. This one is most trusted among free DNS servers. Trusted by billions of people across the globe, “Google DNS Server” has become the most popular option, as “best DNS for gaming”. All in all, CleanBrowsing has all the essential content filtering lists and that makes it one of the best free DNS servers in this list. However, that needs a little more configuration which you can learn by clicking here. This DNS server list was last updated in December 2020. The internet connection company or ISPs normally use their own DNS servers and the speed of these DNS servers can vary greatly. Additionally, Google Public DNS is also resistant against DNS Cache Poisoning attacks and DoS attacks. I will try changing DNS and see if I can speed this up a little bit. The service believes in DNS Neutrality, so there is not going to be a reduction in internet performance or intrusion of any sort. Here are the 12 best DNS servers – both free and public – which you should be using as an alternate DNS server in 2020. Hence, it is important to bookmark the entire list and try your luck from time to time. While basic offers quick and reliable DNS, Safe delivers protection from viruses and fraudulent. Alternate DNS is a free DNS server that helps block redundant and unwanted ads, rallying security on your system by doing so. Overall, I quite like Comodo Secure DNS and find it one of the best DNS providers out there. OpenNIC. DNS-Server nutzt also jeder, der im Internet ist, auch wenn er davon nichts weiß. This is due to the fact that Level3 DNS is a provider of a network-based service that requires top-notch hardware in order to function in an optimum manner. Tremendous things here. Unsere Erklärung zu DNS-Servern hilft Ihnen als nächstes auf die Sprünge, wenn Sie grundlegende Fragen zu Name-Servern haben. More importantly, DNS servers ensure there is no need to remember IP addresses such as So, if you’re looking for some good custom DNS servers, here we have compiled a list of the most popular and reliable public DNS servers in the market. It’s hard to argue that Google is #1 in the face of competition like that. In order to do it, your original data has to be rerouted through a Smart DNS Proxy Server which is located exactly in this country. IP Addresses for DNS:, DNS Server-Liste. Google uses Anycast routing for finding the closest server for data interaction thereby ensuring that you receive information in the shortest time possible. DNS (Domain Name System) is a fundamental facilitator of several networking technologies such as mail servers, Internet browsing, and streaming services e.g. Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS server: Diese IP-Adressen ändern sich regelmäßig und werden deshalb hier nicht aufgelistet. Thanks. jeder Server ist über eine bestimmte IP im Internet zu erreichen. For enhanced performance and better security, it’s always better to optimize your device’ DNS. UncensoredDNS has a trusted privacy policy. Long story short, I would say if you want privacy safeguards on the web then AdGuard DNS is among the best free DNS servers that you can opt for. Il est plus efficace de définir une adresse IP en tant que redirecteur pour un serveur DNS. Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through the company’s worldwide network of redundant DNS servers. GreenTeamDNS lives and breathes security and is able to keep out tens of thousands of potentially dangerous websites that includes things like malware, botnets, adult related content, and other elements. So, as far as features are concerned, you should not have any issue. Notably, Cloudflare also makes it very easy to set up your DNS preferences as it takes only a few minutes to get it all set-up. Abschließend klickt ihr auf "OK". List of Root Servers (resolver2.securolytics.net). Moreover, as its … Before sharing the actual list of best DNS servers it’s important to know what actually is a DNS server and how can it enhance your browsing experience. To find your current DNS server, type ‘ipconfig /all’ at the command prompt and look for the “DNS Server” entry.But, in general, we use the DNS server provided by our ISP, which is usually not that reliable, secure, or fast. (dual band, but my laptop only supports 2.5g). Der Nutzer kennt diese spezifische IP-Adresse in der Regel nicht. Since DNS Neutrality is also a motto of this solution, it means you will effortlessly be able to browse the vast corners of the World Wide Web without having external elements coming in between and putting a stop to your activities. Could you please elaborate on how Google DNS “screws with traffic” and causes unusual patterns which cause problems for the tech industry? That is why our Smart DNS Proxy Servers are scattered around the world to give you the widest possible choice of locations depending on your needs. Right now, there are two versions of OpenDNS that you can access and they come under Personal and Business use. Lack of some of the advanced security features. It is not surprising that Norton offers a safe and secure environment for millions of users out there, given that the company develops and sells digital security solutions such as Antivirus and more. They’re both the fastest and one of the most private and secure DNS providers. Wenn ihr noch weitere Fragen habt, dann schreibt sie uns in die Kommentare. The next fastest DNS server on the list is Google Public DNS. Google wird ganz gerne genommen, weil dem DNS-Server nachgesagt wird sehr aktuell zu sein, der wird recht häufig upgedated (wenigstens einmal am Tag), je nach Provider ist das nicht … While our Internet Service Providers or ISPs provide us with a default DNS server, you will find it profitable to use a different DNS server on some occasions. Look for your network adapter and you should see its DNS servers specified in the list. 15 Fastest Free and Public DNS Servers List For most of you, this is going to be the weapon of choice but if you have something else in mind, then feel free to go through the entire list. Thanks for your GREAT article. Basically, the search engine will stop returning websites completely that have adult content. The company also believes in user privacy thus it doesn’t log any DNS queries sent by your devices. Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses and as your DNS servers. DNS Checker provides free DNS lookup service for checking domain name server records against a randomly selected list of DNS servers in different corners of the world. Are you looking for DNS servers for gaming, browsing and video streaming that can significantly make your web browsing experience stable and secure? We’d love to hear from you. Simply set the AdGuard DNS manually and you will be ready to go. Unter Windows gibt es noch einen anderen Dienst zur Namensauflösung – WINS, der eine ähnliche Funktion zur Verfügung stellt, allerdings ein anderes Protokoll verwendet. There are other factors that also determine your overall experience. dns.sb: dns.sb: 2a09:: 2a09::1: Google Public Free DNS: … Since there is no logging of data, your data is safely hidden away from the hands of ad agencies that follow you like sharks across the internet. Hey Chris, the article is up to date now. According to the service, they claim that they never log DNS queries, suggesting that your search results and interests will always remain confidential and that your information is not going being sold to different companies. Probably what sets this Russia-based DNS server apart is a whole host of features. Ob sich auch bei Ihnen jemand heimlich ins WLAN eingeloggt hat und auf Ihre Kosten surft, können Sie mit unserer Video-Anleitung testen. Not good for people with younger siblings, or underage kids. The more entries the better, but 7 may be overkill. The authoritative name servers that serve the DNS root zone, commonly known as the “root servers”, are a network of hundreds of servers in many countries around the world. You have entered an incorrect email address! It neither sells your DNS queries to third-party data harvesting companies nor redirects your queries to serve you any ads. Each device connected to the internet has a unique IP address which enables it to connect with other machines. OpenDNS is a free and public service provided by Cisco which is a giant in the networking space. Now for the IP addresses that you can punch in, they are and OpenDNS: Best Public DNS Server. Another immaculate DNS server that offers reliability and performance is Level3 DNS. Although there is nothing with adult content on the internet, if you are concerned about your children or siblings stumbling upon these websites, then you should definitely look at CleanBrowsing. Besides, it also does not require any hardware or software installation. Its become Century Link. For the layman, when you install a brand new internet connection, you will automatically be assigned a default DNS server, but there are some situations in which you will be required to change this DNS server in order to experience a better internet experience. The company is expected... With the government's oversight over its citizens' internet browsing becoming more and more 'strict', so to speak, we are hearing more and more about... Internet privacy is a crucial thing in today's world, and Cloudflare is a company that is determined to provide its users with the best... Cloudflare, one of the premier content delivery networks (CDNs) in the world, also provides the whole gamut of cloud-based solutions for website owners and... You must have come across a situation when a webpage that you regularly visit, just fails to load up on your Android device's browser,... 12 Best DNS Servers You Can Use (Free and Public), protect you against security attacks such as ransomware, Mozilla Enables DNS over HTTPS(DoH) by Default for Firefox Users in the US, How to Use the Cloudflare DNS to Visit Blocked Websites, How to Switch to Cloudflare’s DNS on Your Smartphone or Computer (Guide), Cloudflare Launches ‘Internet’s Fastest’ Privacy-Focused Consumer DNS, How to Clear DNS Cache on Android Devices, Using a different DNS server can help you in. Weltweit gibt es insgesamt dreizehn Root-Server. Well, that is correct, but that is only half the story. Google Public DNS service is probably one of the most popular free and public DNS servers on the planet. Google provides the world’s largest DNS service. SERVEUR DNS PRIMAIRE SERVEUR DNS SECONDAIRE; Bouygues: Free: SFR: Orange: OVH: See if this is what you want. Der Server zweiter Wahl sollte ein DNS-Server von seinem Internetbieter sein. However, if you wish to have greater control over what will appear in front of you when you start browsing, then there are also premium accounts that can be made, for a fee of course. An extensive and constantly updated list of encrypted DNS servers (DoH and DNSCrypt) that are free and publicly accessible. After installation, the encrypted DNS server can be selected in Settings → General → VPN and Network → DNS. With the Security filter, you can restrict malicious activity on your home network. Without a doubt, this was going to be our first pick of the list and why not? Wenn der DNS-Server für bestimmte Abfragen nicht autoritativ ist, können Sie mit den Rekursions Richtlinien von DNS-Servern steuern, wie diese Abfragen aufgelöst werden. Additionally, by implementing OpenNIC DNS, you will be able to get free from things like ISP DNS Hijacking. Jede Website bzw. In order to use Level3, free DNS servers you can use the below-mentioned DNS addresses in the settings. With the new AdGuard DNS, you can block trackers and analytics tools system-wide which are always on a lookout to understand your browsing habit on the web.

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