Materials: Fitted face mask pattern available here in 4 sizes (man, woman, child, toddler) Cotton fabric (for the outer fabric and the inner fabric/filter pocket) … When I click the link it opens up the printed instructions and pattern piece needed to make this. When I download the pattern instructions for the Tote Basket the file is blank. This is helping to eliminate sharp ends that could poke through your fabric. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you don’t have to. They can be different, or all the same, it’s... After cutting, serge all edges of your cut pattern pieces. Hello. Your email address will not be published. Grab some, (2 for the outer shell, 2 for the inner lining). This mask pattern includes: Removable wire nose bridge. Create the lining’s sides by folding 5/8″ twice. Instructions for making simple cloth masks for preventing influenza, Making masks without sewing machines Hi Susan, Did you get this figured out? Do you have that? 1 How to make a DIY face mask with a Pocket For Filter Insert. I really appreciate it , Your email address will not be published. It’s by far the best pattern. Thanks for the different mask option. Watch the full video tutorial here! Now that the corners are folded in, fold the fabric back to the original ironed seam you created. Sep 28, 2018 - Free face mask sewing pattern & tutorial & video on how to sew homemade face mask, with pocket for filter & nose wire. Pin the folded back pieces to the right side of the front piece. You should have a loop at the top and the two separate ends on the other side. ... and there is a pocket on the inside to hold a filter if you want to use one, but you don’t have to. metal for nose piece (pipe cleaner, metal sandwich bag ties, gardening wire (thin) just to name a few options. This free face mask pattern features a removable filter pocket so you can change the filter and wash the mask. Be careful not to force it, as you don’t want to rip through your fabric. This is helpful, too, but how do I get to the pattern template? Set your piece of prepared cording off to the side until we are ready for mask assembly. This is the. Any tie material will work (shoelaces, drawstring cording, jersey knit cording and paracord are just a few of the ones Ive heard of being used). I have not only a, for adults below but also kids, teens, and larger adults. If not, I can sent them to you via email. They can be different, or all the same, it’s up to you. small pliers (you’ll use these to bend the end of the wire in). Bend in each sharp end of the wire twice in on itself and crimp down. This will just ensure that any shrinkage in the material happens before you sew. The long edge should meet the other long edge. Be sure that you create a “U” shape with your cording material and lay onto your mask. Your help in protecting our staff and patient families is critical and appreciated. How to make an effective sewn face mask with pocket. Sorry about that. Once you have marked your fabric, it’s time to begin sewing. This step isn’t necessary. in DIY HEALTH & BEAUTY· SEWING/QUILTING, *Some of these links are affiliate links. Clip or pin in place. Even if you haven’t sewn face masks before - you can do it! If you arent able to find it let me know and I will email it to you. DIY fabric face mask sewing pattern and tutorial, how to sew a reusable face mask with filter pocket, Medical mask for healthcare workers sewing pattern, reusable fabric face mask with filter pocket, If you do, this will create hole in each corner. Our sewing pattern for a pleated face mask with a filter pocket allows you to make a face mask that has a pocket for a removable filter, so you can use a filter when you want increased protection, or you can wear it without the filter with just the two layers of woven cotton. You can make one in about 15 minutes or less – I can make about 10 in 3 hours, start to finish. You can watch that video here: I have 3 other patterns fo face masks if you feel like this one isn’t the best fit for you or your loved ones. You’ll see the separation of the lining and the shell make the, If you are a nurse in need or know of one, use this free, What are you doing to help the home front effort? You have now just completed this easy and reusable face mask., Hey Beth, were you able to find the Q&A where I demonstrated how to put the mask on to adjust and provide the best fit? Once that wire is up to the top of your mask and in place, you’re going to CAREFULLY sew a close seam to that wire leaving a 1″ opening on each side for the wire to be removed to be replaced or removed for washing. My Fitted Face Mask Pattern for Glasses comes to the rescue… The Unique Nose Piece: Oh dear! Cloth Face Mask with Filter Pocket, 3-Layer breathable cotton fabric, Insert a PM 2.5 Filter to protect you from particle pollution. Your email address will not be published. Besides, there is additional 2 new info I have added to the video: a sleeve on the top edge of the face mask for a removable nose wire, and, using a cotton shoelace as the head tie, as shown in the picture below. Thanks. In this healthcare crisis, nurses are only given ONE MASK A DAY. We've compiled all the best tutorials and patterns for DIY face masks around so that you don't have to keep searching.

Find basic masks, masks with filter pockets, expandable masks, fashionable and stylish face masks, and even no-sew masks for folks who aren't ready to … Use sewing clips … Juki Sewing Machine (heavy duty sewing machine):, Brother Sewing Machine (Basic sewing machine-great for beginners):, Singer Beginner Sewing Machine:, Janome Treadle Sewing Machine:, Brother Serger Sewing Machine:, Sew Steady Grid Sewing Mat:, Havel Mini Scissors for thread trimming:, Olfa Cutting Mat:, Fiskar Scissors:, Clover Steamless Mini Iron for seam pressing:, Wool Pressing Mat:, Applique Pressing Sheet:, Olipfa Lip Edge Ruler:, Alex Anderson 4 in 1 sewing tool:, Height adjustable sewing tables: (I purchased an inexpensive top at, Clover Quick Clips:, Filed Under: DIY HEALTH & BEAUTY, SEWING/QUILTING Tagged With: Batch sew medical mask, DIY fabric face mask sewing pattern and tutorial, Fitted fabric face mask video tutorial, free mask pattern, How to sew a fabric face mask, how to sew a reusable face mask with filter pocket, Medical mask for healthcare workers sewing pattern, reusable fabric face mask with filter pocket. Sewing Instructions Cut out 4 pieces of fabric (2 for the outer shell, 2 for the inner lining). Mark a 3 inch line from the top towards the center and then from the bottom to the center. Adjustable face mask with filter. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 homemade on our homestead. 4 sizes, age 3 & up, kids to adults. instructions for contoured face mask with filter pocket *note: this mask is not approved for use as anti-viral personal protective equipment, but rather falls into the category of homemade masks that are described by the CDC as suitable for use during severe resource limitations. I used HEPA certified (0.3 micron) vacuum cleaner bags for filters to put in the pocket that I cut/fitted using Pattern B … Slip the ties or elastic into the mask. I have subscribed to your newsletter. Lay your ruler on the center of your fabric lengthwise. Send me a message at and I’ll send them to you . Download the pattern and cut the fabric; 1.4 2. Be sure NOT to sew through the cording while your sewing. As of right now, the supply of surgical masks is at a critical all-time low throughout the entire nation. cording material (I used 3/16th inch synthetic cording). This ensures that all the pieces are the exact same size which will make for more consistent mask sizes. I’m happy to send them to you via email. Make your own homemade mask without sewing for 2 minutes. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew around the perimeter of your rectangle of fabric. Handkerchief and Hair Ties. Sew the center front seam, from nose to chin with a 3/8″ seam allowance. I have made MANY and the tutorial was excellent. I am giving so many away and could include your video. Size for a child that I found works best is a 9×7″ size. Both 8″ sides should now be pressed in towards the center 3/4″. Once you are finished with this step, it’s time to begin pressing. Then, take your mask and insert the wire up through the filter pocket and to the TOP of your mask. « How to sew a face mask| DIY reusable face mask sewing tutorial | FREE mask pattern, How to SEW a BUCKET BAG | DIY Tote Bag | Bag Making Tutorial ». Here is a statement from the CDC regarding homemade fabric face masks: This week, iThinkSew wants to help people better prepare themselves for any potential outbreak. Sew the side seams with a 1/4″ seam allowance. CAREFULLY clip the all 4 corners. If you’d rather have a pleated fabric face mask, here’s a great design with a filter pocket. If you are going to do this, take caution that the plastic will be HOT and have the potential to cause burns unless you let it cool fully first. ‘And that is my purpose here; to fill a need for so many frustrated people who wear glasses and want a good mask pattern. Cut (2) pieces of fabric 10″ x 8″ from your INTERIOR FABRIC. The typical protocol is to change your mask every time you see a new patient. Start by taking your (2) INTERIOR FABRIC pieces and lay them RST (right sides together-this just means the pretty side of the fabric facing the other pretty side of the fabric). Another pattern that you can do using the handkerchief is shared by the … Once you have pushed all your corners out, head back to your ironing board and give your mask a good press so everything lays nice and flat. The video, below will elaborate on the instructions for the. Hi! Press lightly. Iron flat. Learn how to sew a medical face mask for hospitals with a pocket and nose guard with this free easy pattern and video tutorial. With thousands of PDF patterns including bags, baby shoes, clothes, purses, clutches, and materials such as fabrics, zippers, handles, and more, start your sewing adventure today with iThinkSew! Find the center of the mask and mark it. However, scissors will also work just fine. hi, could you please post your video and pattern for the pleated mask/. It’s up to you. I was trying to download the pattern template and when I clicked on the link it took me to Cutting Instructions. You can do the by folding in half LENGTHWISE and giving it a quick finger press to create a pressed seam. Its a PDF file you can download and print immediately. 12. Grab on to the 8″ sides of your mask and fold in 3/4″ and press. I am appalled at the way people wear their masks, so each shopping trip is like research. Please let me know if I can send them to you. Design should always be about necessity! Once pin on each side of the seam. Hope this helps . Be sure NOT to clip through the stitching lines you have just sewn. Next, lay your filter pocket onto of the right side (pretty side) of your EXTERIOR fabric. 1.1 Supplies and tools; 1.2 INSTRUCTIONS: 1.3 1. This will eliminate some of the bulk in those areas and will allow your mask to lay more flat. The free Reusable Mask pattern is available for everyone and even has a special pocket to put in filters. Be sure you back stitch at the beginning and end of each line of stitching. I prefer the cleaner look this gives me. This is a very important step. Just to keep some shift from happening while sewing. You can watch the q&a video I posted as a follow up and I sort of explain how you can create a custom template to fit your Childs needs. In this face mask sewing video, I have included the detail on how to cut and sew the face mask with a pocket for the filter media. Cut (1) piece of fabric 10″ x 8″ from your EXTERIOR FABRIC. With your sewing clips or pins handy, fold in the corner at a 45 degree angle until it meets that ironed seam you created when you folded your mask in 3/4 ” and pressed. The fold edge of the back pieces will overlap about 1″, creating a pocket. I prefer to topstitch 1/4″ seam down the side of the center seam. I just wanted to let you know that as a nurse married to a physician-your pattern for masks is the BEST!! FYI, The link for Alex Anderson goes to a supplier charging $918.88. Backstitch at the beginning and the end. As an amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases*. I did 7″ but if your mask is a smaller size, you’ll need a smaller piece... Bend in each sharp end of the wire twice in on itself and crimp down. The TOP will be the side of the mask that has the TWO ends of the tie, NOT THE LOOP END. Thank you for standing with us to help protect our health care heroes and yourselves. You do not need to leave an opening for turning because we will turn the mask through the filter pocket slit in the center. Insert flexible nose wire (Optional) 1.7 5. Fold up one of the long edges of your fabric. To store your face masks, this is a simple pouch I use (my own pattern) and which you can sew to store your face masks: the pattern is not free (link to Mia pouch pattern in the shop here), but it’s easy and it does not include any metal hardware – you can throw it in the washer together with your mask!. You can skip the step and just fold over. Flip your fabric over and repeat the above step for the other long edge. There will be a gap in the middle that isn’t sewn. I did 7″ but if your mask is a smaller size, you’ll need a smaller piece of wire. Doesn’t seem right, thought you should know to change the link to: We have brand new patterns released every week and new materials added on a near daily basis. An SVG file is also included so you can cut the pattern out with a … Match up the raw edges at the top and bottom of the mask. Use any sort of tool you have on hand to do this. I placed 2 pins in these pieces. This simply means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at NO EXTRA cost to you. Web Hosting By RFE Hosting, for your family or hospitals in need? I have also uploaded a video for this mask answering some frequently asked questions (filters, how to ensure proper fit, how to make a childs pattern etc). Using a pencil (eraser end) or your multi-tool, push each one of the corners out. Cut a piece of wire OR pipe cleaner 6-7″ long. This step is optional but will help keep the fabric laying more flat with repeated uses and washing.

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