The large Evergreen tree (I believe it was a Barbados bearded fig tree but we called it an Evergreen tree) which was in the middle of the yard in front of the big house was swaying in the wind and many of its leaves had by now been blown off of the branches. My first visit to Barbados was in 1964. My Father and Mr Rex Gill left to walk to St Lawrence to check on their Houses. Published by Barbados Government Information Service. A branch of the Breadfruit tree had broken off and lodged on the roof but did not do any harm. There was a Large Tamarind tree to the back of the house and a Clamcherry tree to the front. We both loved the island, We have visited many times since, loving it more each time. As we passed the junction of Rendezvous Road and Worthing a very tall coconut tree fell down across the road about 30 yards behind the car. Department of Education hand stamp appears on the reverse. We watched as the mule pen roof flew off and across the plantation yard. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The wreckage to the island was awful. Ivan Hits Below the Belt It was first tracked, out in the Atlantic, as Tropical Depression Number Nine by the US National Hurricane Center on Thursday, September 2nd. Hurricane Dorian (Barbados) ParadoxAnt. We boys went down to the road near the eastern end of Rockley beach to try to help some men, The Atkinson brothers, the Wormes, and Evelyns, who were pulling boats out of the surf. Brenda had to remain there for nearly a week until the buses were operating again. Brenda was left to look after the 2 younger children. The articles and pictures in this issue of BajanThings were very enlightening. Every year we get a close call and most families go and buy needless things. The day after the hurricane was great for us as kids. My grandfather lived in Strathclyde and he lost part of his roof. By then the house had been repaired enough to be liveable again, and the landscape began to look familiar again, except for all the missing trees. Memories of Hurricane Janet on September 22 1955 from Frances Chandler (Roach) and Wendy Hoad (Roach). Rediffusion had been off the air some time, and electricity now was cut out. Very few homes had telephones. Ellen Lutzow is the daughter of, {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"","openAnimation":false,"exitAnimation":false,"timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}. They had let the pigs out of the pen so that they would not get trapped if the roof fell in. Sept. 24, 1955. That was the only major disaster we had around those years. The pea trees in the garden where being blown in circles and the pear tree in the front yard was leaning. It remains as vivid in my memory today as it was on Sept 22, 1955. After Uncle Evelyn’s death in 1961 at the formation of the Meteorological Station at Seawell, most of his instruments were given to that institution. nearby. Every morning it started programs at 6am with the morning service and then the death announcements. Glad you would pack your toilet paper in plastic bags when your roof blows off. Venturing towards what had been a magnificent copse of tamarind, manchineel and coconut trees which bordered the sea behind our flat, my friend and I found it utterly impassable. I like to hear and see the old time things as well as keeping up with the current. The outside and inside shutters and the hoods have been discarded. I do not remember exactly how long we were at  Westerley, maybe 2 or 3 days, before the roads were clear enough to go back home to St Lawrence. Post-hurricane Janet re-housing programme, Barbados. In less than 10 minutes Dr. O’Mahony was dressed had taken out the car and was headed for Police Headquarters and the big General Hospital nearby. Barbados during World War I and World War II, Hugh Morris Alleyne Skinner better known as ballet dancer Hugh Laing, courtesy of Overseas Service Pensioners’ Association (OSPA), St. Philip, Barbados in the 1950’s & 1960’s. The Royal Theatre at Hastings was reduced to ruins by an angry Hurricane Janet. The streets were no longer safe. The one pictured was wall mounted. By then almost all trees were down, and all poles and wires too. In fact, Hurricane Janet caused the loss of the only hurricane hunter plane in history. Photograph No K 21182 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. Mr Atwell ignored the advice. Nov 21, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by alana brooks. The Royal Hotel, with its luxurious air-conditioned bedrooms, once the proud possessor of a Restaurant built out on a pier in the sea, which had now vanished and merely the damaged piers were left standing, was now roofless and derelict. It is a beautifully made machine by Negretti & Zambra of London. I can’t remember the exact spot, but I think when you came down the hill from Navy Gardens you turned left, and house was on opposite side of road to beach somewhere along there. A prime example of this is the great hurricane of October 10, 1780 that killes thousands of people in Barbados and pounded the island for close to fifty (50) hours. Daddy and Uncle Irwin stayed up to listen to the Rocky Marciano fight on Rediffusion on the night of September 21st, and when it was over, they decided to play a joke on the rest of us by leaving on the volume of the radio, so that when transmission began again early next morning, it would wake everybody.Well, we were all awakened much earlier than they expected by a radio announcement that Hurricane Janet was about to hit us. Hurricane Watch 2000 with data from Colorado Map created using State/Tropical Prediction Center hosted by Unisys Weather Major impacts This century there were five "impacts" including Hurricane Janet, a small but powerful system, the centre of which passed not far off the South Coast in 1955 mainly impacting the southern part of Barbados. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said it had maximum sustained winds of … During the day it sat on a table in the living room and at night Grandpa carried it into the bedroom to listen to the late night news, and be woken early next morning. My lovely mahogany furniture was dull and horrid from the salt-impregnated air. In September 1955 we were living on the sea in St Lawrence in an old “board and shingle” upstairs house. By daylight tents were being erected on the surrounding lawns. No electricity, no refrigeration, but thank God I had an adequate supply of food. There was no beach and the huge waves were breaking close to the road and spreading across it. Barbados, September 18th, 2017 – Bridgetown – Hurricane Maria is currently making its way through Barbados. I roused him later, gave him a light meal and he retired to bed. My first job was to close the big hurricane shutters on all 20 windows. Every year I start the hurricane season by assuming that we will get a hurricane, my roof will blow off and we will then get 5cm of rain. HTML tags allowed in your comment:

. Typical example of Hurricane Janet damage. One of my aunts lifted me up so I could see what was going on outside and I watched Tina’s (think her surname was Wiltshire) house which was also to the east of us rock in all directions but it never came apart. We also had no electricity for about three weeks. Ann Croney (Hinkson) remembers Hurricane Janet. An acrid-like smell assailed us from everywhere; it turned out to be sap from the tortured trees. I swept and dusted until my hands were blistered. At first we sat on some steps facing North between 2 walls and watched galvanise sheets flying past like paper. The turning point soon arrived and by 1.45 p.m. we realized that the winds were diminishing. Mrs Hinkson was a pillar of the community that anyone could turn to in times of need. It was usual to leave the radio on after it closed transmission for the night to act as an alarm clock. The verandah had been completely destroyed and it was feared that the house itself had shifted from its foundations. Luckily the Davis family were able to spend the hurricane in their basement. Many trees that were along the Whitepark area were blown down. We had been spared the horrors of the full force of a hurricane but other islands like Grenada took a full hit that night. One day during crop she was working loading cane in a field to the East of Three Houses Factory. Photograph No R 21159 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. (seen in photo above). Most of the people reading this blog wouldn’t have been around for the historic hurricane of 1955 in Barbados, but I am positive that EVERYONE has heard of Hurricane Janet! Everyone had to run for cover. Sickened by it all, we crept back home. I am not sure but the timing would be about right for it to be Janet. Department of Education hand stamp appears on the reverse. They lived in a Colonial Services apartment in the Garrison which had previously been the Military Headquarters. Hurricane Flora On September 30, 1963, Hurricane Flora hit Grenada with 125 mph winds. Sentries were stationed and soldiers with rifles were being sent out to guard strategic food supplies. Janet went on to become the most powerful hurricane of the 1955 season, reaching a category 5 storm with winds of 175 mph, killing 38 people in Barbados alone, and nearly 700 people overall. Then came the deep murmur of the emergency generator from the Military H.Q. You paid a small monthly fee to have a special box with a speaker in your home. I am so very happy that I subscribed to I remember listening to the Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon and President Kennedy’s death and funeral as a live broadcast. No servants and no help were anywhere available. I remember a doll that was about two to three feet tall. Hurricane lanterns had to be lighted as the hurricane shutters at the windows completely precluded all light. Edwin Edey from Top Car Rentals Barbados awaited us with a pristine vehicle, courtesy of this efficient family-run business. Sylvia Mason was sitting at one end of the shop with her baby who could only have been days old. William Burton (BajanThings) is featured on. A squad was allocated to Dr. O’Mahony and he immediately got out his car, – intact, thank God! There were many people in the house, including, the 5 Gills, 3 Elderly Edghill  Aunts, 5 of us, 6 Westerley Edghills, and 3 or 4 House helpers and their families, so maybe 28 or 30 people. The last significant hit from a hurricane to cause severe damage to Barbados was Hurricane Janet in 1955; in 2010 the island was struck by Hurricane Tomas, but this caused only minor damage across the country as it was only at Tropical Storm level of formation. Moving westward across the Caribbean Sea, Janet fluctuated in intensity, but generally s… The road was covered with utility poles and the remains of houses that were torn apart. How will we survive!? I love to hear and learn all I can about the island. My grandfather’s house was brick, and we all went there to wait out the hurricane. Department of Education hand stamp appears on the reverse. square piece of timber under the main lock and then wedge the other end with further pieces of timber which they nailed to the floor. We had Julian Garrett, a man of 76 years, and Mary Ann Duncan, a pregnant woman, amongst our ‘refugees’! Forecasters warned high winds and heavy rainfall could cause landslides, flooding and loss of power. Our uncle Irwin (Burke) and his family were staying with us at Sandy Crest. Sand carried in the wind had permeated every corner of the house. Houses blown across the road by the angry wind prevented free passage to pedestrians and vehicles of all kinds. Despite having Louvred shutters over all windows every single pane of glass was broken, and everything was sodden with salt water. Girlie went to work at the Seale family in Baxters Road with the intention of soon returning home. Hurricane Janet was only a tropical wave located just off of Barbados up until September 21st, when within a 12 hour space of time it strengthened suddenly to a category 1, then a category 2 hurricane, and then hit the island as a category 3 with winds of 120 mph! Victims of hurricane Janet share food. Thank you. They also had 2 table top versions, a basic model and an upmarket model. Mr. Atwell opened an upstairs window, looking very sleepy and when Daddy told him what was happening, he said Ok and started to retreat from the window. Then the Electricity Department and Telephone Company co-opted every electrician and every technician available and with vans, cars, or any possible transport, they started off on the task of disentangling and repairing the hundreds of miles of ruptured and damaged wires. Poo decided that it was unsafe and that they would relocate to the Moravian Church in Chapman Street. He took one look at the sea and said that we had to get out of there, like now. Then down to the big flat beneath our apartment which belonged to the Director of Public Works, now on vacation in Trinidad. Carefully opening the kitchen door, which had been protected by trellis on its verandah, my husband carefully stepped out and I followed him. Mr. Reece’s Barograph was used to record the passage of Hurricane Janet and is still used by his nephew. The damage was stunning, with the bill to repair the destruction in Barbados only, being BBD $5 million! Returning to my flat I heard the Government broadcasts which were now on a more urgent note. It got damaged though. We lived at Ellerton House in St George, and had advanced warning because of Rediffusion. It was a haunting howl that was repeated for several hours. Hurricane Janet Photograph No R 21169 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. When school started we did homework by the light from the Lanterns until December when we finally got back our Electricity supply. David Webster’s recollections of Hurricane Janet. Most homes appeared to be damaged in some way and many had lost their roofs. We then were driven to Wildey Plantation where the rest of the family were huddled together in the storm house. All of a sudden we heard quite a loud noise and were told it was Mr. Garner’s (the plantation’s watchman) house that had been blown off of its foundation and had rolled down the hill behind the old barn. This September 22nd will be 58 years since this catastrophic hurricane hit our little island. your own Pins on Pinterest Hurricane Ivan has devastated the island of Grenada, flattening houses ... For Grenada, the hurricane was the worst in living memory - worse than Hurricane Janet, which struck in 1955. Several huge gas lamps from the huge holders had been snapped off and lay in the littered road. Message: This story of Janet is interesting. Evelyn, being involved in sugar agriculture, had a personal stake in being able to predict the weather and so, became the man that was relied on to inform the industry on weather. Everybody in the St Lawrence area had suffered some damage, more or less.&nbs. Sometime after dark Dad and Rex Gill arrived back very badly scratched up by the jungle that was the road a few hours earlier, but relieved that both Houses were damaged but intact. There was so much rain that Mr. Beckles had to leave his snow cone ball cart and take the donkey home in Three Houses Hill. This September 22nd will be 58 years since this catastrophic hurricane hit our little island. Poo was the first to return but when he tried to light the Coal Pot the wind blew out the fire. I remember going out at the height of the hurrican to help rescue some pet rabits, cowering in their hutch which had more or less blown to pieces. However, sometime in the 1980’s the Chief Met Officer, gave Uncle Evelyn’s Barograph back to my father, and after his death, it came to me and I hold it as a family heirloom. P.S. There were many killed and seriously injured. In an endeavour to be shielded against the coming storm, a huge Shell Tanker had been left against the great old boundary wall of the Garrison. The relatives drove us around the island to show us all of the things our parents spoke of. I also remember the live commentary of the Cave Shepherd fire in 1969. THE menacing Tropical Storm Dorian is on track to slam the Caribbean causing a lockdown of Barbados along with numerous hurricane watches across the island region. If you'd like an e-mail update when a new post is added to BajanThings add your e-mail address below and click on the Subscribe button. Brenda’s grandchildren Shajahri, Kilea, Kia and Tamia enjoy listening to her stories of days gone by. Guess you can say I am a Bajan wannabe. It was then approximately 10 a.m. Dr. O’Mahony was still not home and the wind was increasing all the time. I was told that Bayland had been hit hard. It was a very heavy downpour that lasted for days. Very gradually, the house got cleaned up and Dad was able to get 1 or 2 Carpenters from St Peter which had not suffered much damage and they started repairing the roof. Also the roof has been changed from the original Hip Roof. It broadcast via cable and was connected to almost every house and rum shop. The Cat disappeared. The big Picture House, solidly built of concrete, had been used as a shelter for a large crowd of people. In the afternoon of Sept 21 my brother, Ian, and I were in the sea with my father and a neighbour Shirley Atwell. After a sleepless night, pitch black apart from the odd lantern in the background or distance, with loose galvanize banging in the wind all night, we resumed exploring and looking at the damage done. My grandmother did corn beef and biscuits and cocoa to help feed everyone. Photo taken by George C Gibbs, ©Beachgate Images. The glass and china ware was taken off the shelves and packed away in a safe location. Hurricane Janet was the most powerful tropical cyclone of the 1955 Atlantic hurricane season and one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record. Poo went in front with one child, Girlie next with the other and Brenda brought up the rear holding on to Girlie’s dress. Nothing was where it should be, and how would we ever get this mess cleared and return life to normal? Shaking my husband awake I handed him the ‘phone. You can mouse over the image for the caption or click on the image to see a larger image with title and captions. We reached Westerley without further incident and quickly got into the safety of the house. It provided a good mix of local and international news, and local and foreign produced programs. October 22, 1955 saw the arrival of Hurricane Janet to the island which claimed more than thirty (30) lives and left more than fifiteen (15) thousand people displaced. Brenda said that they watched other houses being blown apart by the strong winds. October 30, 2010 – Hurricane Tomas skirts the southern coast of Barbados as a strong tropical storm. We laboured up the hills under the excess weight and finally reached Codrington College, only to find that a tree had fallen across the road, and a car had obviously not seen it and had ridden up on it. Again I had some 20 big windows to secure, doors to bolt and in agony I had to decide that all the beautiful plants on their verandah would have to be left to the mercy of the oncoming storm. I was four years old and lived in Rockley, in a house called ‘Clarendon’. The National Archives UK. September 21 – Rocky Marciano fights for the last time, recovering from a knock-down to beat world Light Heavyweight champion Archie Moore by a knock-out in round nine in New York, and retiring undefeated with 49 wins, 43 by knock-out, as of 2006, the only world Heavyweight champion to go undefeated through his career. The island hasn’t experienced any significant hurricanes since Hurricane Janet … Upon striking the island and the rest of the Windward archipelago, Tomas becomes the latest hurricane on record in a calendar year to impact the region.At Grantley Adams International Airport, a wind gust of 105 mph (165 km/h) is documented. I remember looking at the beach beyond Maristow (not sure of the spelling) and seeing some of the branches of the Casuarina trees on the beach bending over to touch the water and then swing back up leaving a trail of sea water spray behind. Galvanise sheets, house roofs and trees were flying around. I remember her making a large doll – handmade, of course, – that was raffled for money to send to Barbados to help with hurricane damage. Beside the tanker were parked a big number of Public Works lorries hopefully left there for later salvage work. Our baggage handler told us she was born in 1956, one year after Hurricane Janet hit the island, but she grew up hearing of it from people every hurricane season. Photograph No K 21157 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. The erstwhile calm blue Caribbean was now a boiling, roaring horror. Evan Lodge was not damaged (it had a parapet roof) except for a length of the eve trough that had been knocked down by a mango tree branch. When we got there it was clear that the House was more badly damaged than Dad at first thought. Later I realised its worth when it served military and other lorries as they subsequently went out on their various missions. I belive the wind speed that was recorded on that day was an incorrect one due to inaccracy of instruments at that time. Travelers should expect reliable sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s punctuated by … The story of listening to the boxing fight and being woken by Rediffusion early next morning is often repeated. Hurricane Janet hit Barbados on September 22 1955. – and they slowly started out to try and get down to Medical Head Quarters at the General Hospital. Daddy and others moved the car and shifted the tree as much as they could to allow traffic to pass. Early in the morning before it hit the island, the governor called my dad and asked him to open the store (S. E. Cole & Co. Ltd.) so people could purchase supplies. I left the radio on as I knew that in due time the Government would be broadcasting general instructions as to what to do. The two coconut trees toppled over on Clarendon, and my father said that was all that kept it from blowing away. Once school started there was much less time to think about Janet, but I will never forget it. The wind had now shifted to the North and we could still stand on our sheltered verandah, watching the trees being blown hither and thither. Dorian was located about 370 miles east-southeast of Ponce, Puerto Rico, Tuesday afternoon. Photograph No 21169 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. Evelyn Reece in his weather room at Three Houses. They had to climb over and crawl under the debris as they walked past Country Road, Bank Hall and up Bush Hall. This is 'Santa Neta' located opposite Hastings Rocks on September 23 1955. Most storms bypass the island, swerving farther north, with the last noteworthy storm in 1980.I expected some showers — which are prone everywhere in the Caribbean — but the odds of a major event were pretty low. Photograph No R 21186 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. On September 22, 1955, Hurricane Janet hit Grenada and the island of Carriacou with 115 mph winds resulting in heavy damage to homes and a loss of 122 lives. There was only one room that was habitable so we all slept there for many nights. After the hurricane most people who lost their homes were given a small one bedroom house which became known at Janet House. Then the telephone started ringing with friends exchanging information on the approaching Hurricane. Some of the galvanized sheets had blown off the roof on the seaside and even shingles were missing. The sea was subsiding but the flooding in many places bore evidence to the phenomenally high seas. Once the winds had died we returned home to Maxwell Coast Road. Sybil and Everton stayed in one of the out rooms for about a week until they were able to get their roof back on. St Marks Church sustained some damage to the roof. Hurricane Janet, Her Stories 60 Years Later – Part 1. Although very young – not quite 4 years old – I remember waking to find all of the windows closed and being told that there was a hurricane. Puerto Rico was particularly concerned after the devastation it experienced from Hurricane Maria in 2017. By Sunday the 5th it was Hurricane Ivan, with the NHC noting that "it is unprecedented to have a hurricane this strong at such a … A very brief recollection of the people and events. I am also interested in the lore of various Parishes. Meanwhile, the two by four post was bending under the force of the wind, but thank goodness stood up to the test. 5 of 12 The hurricane is one of the most powerful to ... Roofless and unprotected, a man surveys the damage to his home in St Philip, Barbados. Years later the house was moved and I understood then why it did not fall apart. 1955 sept 22nd hurricane janet hits with 120mph winds from the east killing 35 people & damaging 1800 homes,20,000 homeless.. Poo was sent to The Ice House to buy some meat and to return home to cook soup for the family. This was the greatest catastrophe of the day. Early in the morning before it hit the island, the governor called my dad and asked him to open the store (S. E. Cole & Co. Ltd.) so people could purchase supplies. Hurricane Janet – Barbados 1955 by Winifred K. O’Mahony Winifred O’Mahony’s story was taken from: The British Empire; courtesy of Overseas Service Pensioners’ Association (OSPA). Hurricane Janet Photograph No R 21171 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. Hurling our full weight on it, my husband and Bill Duncan were able to jam a huge 3ft. Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines are no longer under Hurricane Watch.

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