OMG, this ice cream is soooooooooo gooooooooood ! Aside from the above mentioned main ingredients, you’ll also need to add some Stevia or another type of low carb sweetener, some vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. Ripe Avocados, protein powder and a good food processor and you have avocado ice cream for dessert, a snack, or, even a great tasting and good-for-you breakfast! But more importantly for your health, cocoa provides a plethora of incredible health benefits as well. Hey! Ingredient Notes. I know it’s gonna be fabulous because I tasted it before freezing and I felt off my chair it was sooooo gooooood ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Back tomorrow with my comments once ready as ice cream. (2). The sugar grams from the allulose are non-impacting so they can be subtracted from the total carbs. Come back soon :) I post new tasty keto recipes daily, Keto Garlic Chicken Skillet with Red Onions and Mushrooms, Crunchy Keto Bacon Chips with Homemade Jalapeno Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll Fat Bombs (High Fat Keto Snack), Creamy Keto Cheesecake Fluff (Quick and Easy Keto Dessert), 90 Second Keto Bread That Doesn’t Suck (This is My Favorite! This ice cream is full of healthy avocado fats and works excellent in replacement for a fat bomb. Freeze for 5 hours. Please enjoy this keto recipe, ask me a question if you need anything or have suggestions and stop by again anytime :) If you've made this recipe before, it would mean SO MUCH to me if you left a rating below. Our avocado chocolate ice cream recipe has quickly become one of my favorite ice creams to enjoy when I’m out of classic vanilla and chocolate. I personally prefer to use coconut milk for two reasons — the flavor it adds and the fact that it contains medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fats. This is awesome It’s good as a mousse too. Keto Friendly Yeast Bread Recipe for Bread Machine, Keto Fries: Making Low Carb French Fries with Jicama, How to Cook Boneless Pork Ribs in the Oven Fast, Keto Almond Flour Waffles (Low Carb, Gluten Free), Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe with Coconut Flour Fathead Dough, Chicken Green Bean Casserole (Gluten-Free, Keto), Keto Sweeteners & Low Carb Sugar Substitutes, How to Start a Low Carb Diet Plan Successfully, Best Keto Foods List For Burning Fat Efficiently, Homemade Chocolate Covered Peanut Clusters, The Best Keto Sweeteners And Low Carb Sugar Substitutes, Sausage Egg And Cheese Casserole Without Bread. Keto Pistachio Ice Cream - Keto & Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes Keto Avocado Ice cream | Keto Fat bomb popsicles | Vegetarian … It’s made with a variety of ingredients that all work in synergy and most importantly of all, it won’t knock you out of ketosis the next time you feel the need to indulge your sweet tooth. 1. Avocados – When making this recipe, you’ll be using two small avocados that have been peeled and pitted. Transfer the mixture to a container and freeze for minimum 4 hours or until set. This ice-cream is amazing! Place all ingredients, except the shelled pistachios in a food blender. Is it an interesting flavor choice? They are both also excellent liquid sources of fats, especially saturated fats. Lover of good food, northern lakes, peanut butter fat bombs, Boston Terriers and the keto diet. This could be especially useful for anyone who is new to keto dieting, as you’ll be able to understand why exactly we’re using the choices mentioned. 3. What equipment do I need to make this? Definitely a keeper, thank you!! It’s a great source of saturated MCT fatty acids that also adds a nice hint of tropical coconut flavoring to your recipes. To make the ice cream mixture, all you have to do is combine all of the ingredients and blend them together.

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