You know, that’s kind of a hard – I don’t know. Thank you. I think the best gains happen when you’re hanging it for six seconds so that’s kind of how I judge how much weight to add or to take off. Everybody knows that. I usually try to do six different exercises and those other couple kind of vary. Kyra Condie: Yeah. I’ve never had the burnout phase that a lot of kid climbers have. I couldn’t hang with one arm at first and I worked up to adding weight with one arm. This is "Unrelenting_Kyra Condie_FINAL" by Jim Butts on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. I’ve basically been sticking to this for the last – not even year, probably. I don’t know. Yeah. I do three sets so three sets of 1, 5, 8, basically. I don’t know. I have one last question for you. I try to go through and do all the V10s, the V11, and then some of the 9s and 8s anyway, just to get a ton of climbing in during the day. As soon as they feel like they’re ready to fire again, that’s when I get back on the wall. Mine was called Idiopathic Scoliosis which basically means they don’t know why I had it. I think everyone wanted a chance to fight on our finals route and get a chance to win but the way that they did it, they just counted back to semi-finals which is too bad. Slow down!’ I don’t know. Kyra Condie: Yeah, of the small, medium, large of that sizing. Like, you grab the first one and what can you pull through to? Thanks again and I’ll talk to you soon. Got it. Not done it, like maybe not topped it, but I definitely could have not taken so many tries to get off the ground which is what it came down to. We try and keep it the same, you know, so we’ve made up all of these boulders that are really good and a lot of them are really hard. 1.6K likes. How do you feel when you feel like you’re completely rested? Like, if I keep my hips straight, if I turn to the left or turn to the right, I only get a very minimal amount of rotation. I’m still working on getting consistent on 1, 5, 8. You only need to put on 20 pounds. Yeah. I figured it was best to just go through, get the four-year degree done with and over and focus on climbing while I was doing that, and I think I did a pretty good job of managing to do both. Sometimes I tap the board to make sure I stay square with my other hand, so whatever is the free hand, but as I’ve gotten better at these my – I think it’s the shoulder stabilizers have gotten stronger and I’m able to stay pretty square a lot of the time. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. If you just look at Alex Puccio, she’s still doing it even though she said she was going to retire for like the last three years, so…. [laughs] I joined the team and then I got into a play and so then I quit the team at my gym to do this play because rehearsals were every day and I couldn’t do both. I made team for all three events, the sport climbing, the speed climbing, and the bouldering, so it’s going to be kind of a nightmare trying to train all three at once but that’s the plan for August. It’s crazy. It’s like, ‘Just climb! Brooke Raboutou, Kyra Condie, and Natalia Grossman. Along with that, I’m now in my FINAL semester of high school, and I really couldn't be more excited about it. I would take it slowly. They’re kind of miserable. You know, that was kind of one of the harder things to come to terms with moving to Salt Lake was that I wasn’t going to have my wall to kind of keep my strength up. Do you know what you could have done differently? People are like, ‘Oh my god. Kyra Condie: Yeah, I’m definitely not mad that I had to get it done. She’s won 1st place and placed in the top 10 at many rock climbing competitions – too many to list here, but they include: 1st place, 2019 USA Combined Invitational Nationals I need to keep doing it.’ My coaches would actually get mad at me all the time because I’d be like, ‘I can’t do it,’ and they’d be like, ‘Don’t say that.’ It’s kind of a part of my process of failure, to be like, ‘I can’t do it. Easy, simple, and like you said it has protein, carbs, and fat. I don’t know much about it but I’ve heard that’s a really good way to build power as well so I’ve tried to do that a couple times. That was kind of something that I came up with this past year, just repeating those hard boulders and then adding harder ones as you go and as you send them. You can probably hang basically the same amount of time but if you make it from 15 to 20 you’ll probably notice a big difference. They’re just really good. I feel like it’s in my hands more than anything, is where I feel tired, or maybe my shoulders. Something for everyone…. Like on teams? Neely Quinn: That’s another reason you’ve probably gotten good at jumping around. That’s a way of pre activating your muscles or something. Neely Quinn: Have you experimented with it? He has these portable snacks. She tried other sports, but nothing clicked. Kyra Condie: Like just boulder and don’t do any other things? Neely Quinn: She’s definitely still doing it. [laughs] I’ve tried to like running so hard. Everyone gets to always climb when you’re bouldering. You can probably hang basically the same amount of time but if you make it from 15 to 20 you’ll probably notice a big difference. That’s what the World Cups use so that’s kind of the only thing with speed I guess, but otherwise it went really well. Getting that pure strength is important. It’s really impressive, those people, too. How did you get up to…’ I was able to hang 30 pounds not too long ago. Thanks for sticking with me through that. I’ve actually heard that you had a back injury? I’ve basically been sticking to this for the last – not even year, probably. Sounds like it’s really varied and delicious and you know what you need and you give it to yourself. I think as a kid I was kind of tenacious anyway and so if I couldn’t do a move I’d be like, ‘Oh, I can’t do that. You have kind of a list of projects and a list of hard boulders and then always repeat the hard boulders and always do the projects. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” said Larson, her coach. Neely Quinn: Anything else that you do? On the way home from the hospital — after two rods were implanted in her back, to hold her spine in place while the bones fused from her T2 vertebra to her T12 — she asked her parents to stop by the climbing gym. If it’s a less good source I don’t really care as long as I’m getting enough, you know? I’ve been trying to do pushing exercises because I feel like I’m getting imbalanced. No excuses. It’s just your fingers get strong, especially in climbing in places like Rocky Mountain National Park or Hueco. Out of curiosity, how much weight did you have to take off in the beginning? It was the worst weather for climbing. Do you feel like you immediately took to it or did it take a while? Even the pandemic can’t keep her grounded. They’re really yummy. I’m super happy that you guys have taken to this podcast and that people are listening to it and hopefully getting some good information from it. Other than that I haven’t really climbed outside sport climbing much at all. I did two days I think because I was here and there was this 15-meter wall. I use momentum to my advantage as much as possible and things like that. Can we talk about your training for a little bit? No, it’s just a normal pancake mix and it can be just add water or it can be milk and egg, like you can put milk and egg in it, and then it’s like 23 grams of protein per serving, I think. Glad to be here. I think people think I only train because it’s what I post to Instagram or things like that but most of my session, if it’s a four-hour session at least ⅔ or ¾ of it is just climbing. [laughs] That’s really the only reason. If your max is V4, the difference between you and a V2 climber may only be you know how to use your body and how to climb but once you get to kind of that V4/V5 level I think that’s when you can start trying to improve strength-wise and that’s when you see the improvements between V5 to V10. Kyra Condie: That one I mostly do because it’s just the classic campus exercise. I know people who have hurt their backs a lot doing deadlifting and things like that, especially with wrong form. It’s kind of like a blessing in disguise where you get the perspective that a lot of people never have. One of my biggest things that I’ve done in the past year is just trying to repeat climbs that I’ve already done, even if they were hard or especially if they weren’t my style because I think that’s really beneficial. Every time, everyone is like, ‘What the heck?’, Yeah, like, ‘That’s your back? I wish. Going back to the campusing and the hangboard, do you mind going through a campus session for you? Oh, the only thing is they need autobelays. They just taste like normal pancakes but they have triple the protein of any other pancake so I’ve been starting my day with chocolate chip pancakes, basically every day.

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