The Great Lakes have provided transportation for Michigan's inhabitants for hundreds of years. Michigan History Magazine . General inquiries can be sent to You can zoom in on a particular area and drill down for more information on a specific wreck. The Michigan History Center has developed a very informative map containing all the shipwreck information in each of the 13 underwater preserves. Since 1917, Michigan History magazine has shared the Great Lakes State’s diverse history through feature articles and special sections. We appreciate your understanding. Rowe, a scuba diver, does presentations on the area's shipwrecks, including the Bangor. About 1,500 shipwrecks are at the bottom of Michigan … Introduction. With growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus, the board of directors of Michigan Shipwreck Research Association is canceling the 2020 “Mysteries & Histories Beneath the Inland Seas” shipwreck film festival which had been scheduled for Saturday, March 21. The Great Lakes were once America's busiest highways. The Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve was established in 1987 to protect and conserve shipwrecks and historical resources on 376 square miles (970 km 2) of Lake Superior bottomlands in Whitefish Bay and around Whitefish Point, Michigan.The formation of the Michigan Underwater Preserves helped stop controversy over artifact removal from shipwrecks of this area. The Rouse Simmons was a three-masted schooner famous for having sunk in a violent storm on Lake Michigan in 1912. Thousands of vessels from canoes to car ferries and steamers to modern ore boats have sailed these "inland seas" and unknown numbers still remain - settled on the lakes bottom in watery graves. Mysteries & Histories Beneath the Inland Seas 2020 is Postponed! The legacy of the schooner lives on in the area, with frequent ghost sightings and tourist attractions whereby its final route is traced. Unfortunately, the waters were as dangerous as they were busy, and often unpredictable storms and the resulting waves took down ships. That shipwreck history is strikingly preserved within a dozen official shipwreck sanctuaries in Michigan. Michigan has designated underwater preserves since the 1980s, said Sandra Clark, director of the Michigan History Center. Michigan Shipwrecks . Sandra Clark, director of the Michigan History Center, and Valerie Van Heest, author and shipwreck hunter, joined Stateside to tell us how French ship Le Griffon disappeared into the Great Lakes. Search for a shipwreck by name or location. A popular history magazine geared toward professionals and enthusiasts alike, Michigan History offers a wide variety of subject matter, time frames, and perspectives while inspiring, educating, and entertaining its readers. Michigan Shipwrecks Interactive Map. Update: On August 19, 2017, a team of civilian researchers led by entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul G. Allen announced they had found the wreck of … Physical mail can be accessed by our staff twice each week and we are making every effort to ensure continued functioning of our programs. For the latest information regarding SHPO research requests, send an email to The ship was bound for Chicago with a cargo of Christmas trees when it foundered off Two Rivers, Wisconsin, killing all on board..

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