save hide report. Over 50 models from CLEVO - From office device to high-end gaming, which we configure and optimize as you wish. We are proud to present a line of limited edition, officially licensed products that showcase our user's enthusiasm for the games they love, built on the foundation of NZXT product design. 640. NZXT Kraken coolers allow their owners to control two aspects of cooling and noise: pump speed and fan speed. NZXT offered to send me an I/O replacement with a longer USB Type-C cable, which is appreciated, and that offer extends to all customers who buy the H1 at launch. The building experience is streamlined, with pre-routed cable channels and an integrated PSU and AIO liquid cooler. Did you end up to try it with the internal fans + the 2 x 140mm outside? Kraken X Series. Since launching our first product in 2004, NZXT has delivered affordable premium. I have that link to buy the panel but he does not have temps results. NZXT PC gaming cases boast removable fan and radiator mounting brackets that can hold multiple fans, giving you flexible options. EDIT: I'm also running an 8700k @ 5.0ghz 1.3v. My H1 next to an xbox s one. Order goes from hub to center, to left, to right. The NZXT C850 is a fully modular power supply with high power density, thanks to its compact dimensions (only 140mm depth). So here goes my question: are there any risks when running an open chassi like that? Had them running around 55% fan speed to keep them silent. I just posted this as a reply in another thread, but I've tried multiple options and these have been my results. NZXT H1 Mod : 3D Printed Front Panel Devoid3D. I have two Noctua NF-A14 on the back of my H1 and anything above 600RPM it has a quite, but noticeable, high pitched noise of the fans trying to pull air through the cheese grater holes. Pokde.Net is a tech and gaming portal, bringing you daily news about happenings in the scene along with juicy reviews and hot gossips of the tech and gaming industry. 30 comments. Discussion in 'Case Central' started by LiE, 25 Feb 2020. Just for peace of mind. Me 2, but before I start spending money left and right in new fans, I'm trying to understand what modifications will bring me the best temps for the money and without compromising noise. 644. The H1 follows this rule but allows for the install of most desktop-class GPUs. Nice mod! Rated 5 out of 5 by BMChef from Great case, easy build This is a phenominal ITX case. NZXT H1. mesh and glass panels, 2x120mm fans, PCIe 3.0 riser) for $149. With two tiny Noctua A4x20 fans hidden inside the case, it tops out around 80c. How easy/hard was the disassembly to take that piece to the metal cutter? EDIT: I'm also running an 8700k @ 5.0ghz 1.3v. Posted by 2 days ago. From the full tempered-glass panel to front-panel USB-C connector, removable radiator-mounting bracket and patented cable management system, your build will be both easy and beautiful. By giving both of these controls to the user, it becomes easy to reduce noise levels while also maintaining a good balance of CPU cooling performance. 640. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yes, or NR200P (incl. ***** Thanks for watching our videos! I'll leave it up to individuals to decide if 1-3c is worth $15. The stock radiator fan has also been swapped out for a quieter Noctua 140mm. NZXT H1, White, Mini ITX Chassis w/ Tempered Glass Window, 140mm AIO, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, mITX, 650W 80 PLUS Gold PSU is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 2. Custom Crafted. Edit: It would nice if you split the chart into GPU temp results and CPU temp results, rather than a mix of both. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. NZXT H210. NZXT H1 Liquid Cooled ITX Case with 650W Gold PSU Black The NZXT H1 is an ITX case that comes with an included 650W Gold PSU, 140mm AIO liquid CPU cooler and a PCI-E x16 Gen 3. We use them to give you the best experience. Without the Noctua case fans, when I stress test my GPU and CPU my CPU maxes at 60C and GPU at 74C. Currently have them daisy chained from NZXT fan & RGB hub. Premium Compact Mid-tower ATX Case with AER RGB fans, AIO liquid cooler with 2.36" customizable LCD display, High-performance all-in-one CPU coolers with digital control, 120mm AIO liquid cooler with RGB infinity ring, Digitally controlled RGB LED fans for HUE 2, Z490 ATX Motherboard with Wi-Fi and CAM Features, Modular PSU built for safe, quiet, and reliable power, Modular PSU with real-time power monitoring and control, RGB Lighting & Digitally-Controlled Fan Channels, Advanced PC Lighting System Powered by CAM, Expand motherboard USB connections for digital components, Limited Edition Mass Effect Compact Mid-Tower ATX Case, Pre-built entry-level gaming PC with several upgraded components, Our most upgraded pre-built entry-level gaming PC, Micro-woven cloth top with non-slip rubber base, NZXT Expands its Kraken AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Line. Hell, it barely breaks into the 60s when gaming. His temperature results are in the post. Cooling performance is entirely a function of case fans and component fans. Wondering if there is any benefit of having both "mods". But the fans were too loud for me to always run like that. Completely stock, it would hit 85+ degrees, even with the temp limit set to 84c. NZXT H1, Black, Mini ITX Chassis w/ Tempered Glass Window, 140mm AIO, USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, mITX, 650W 80 PLUS Gold PSU is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 4. In fact, it's our track record of creating products that embody our commitment to imagination, craftsmanship, and value which have built trust with the gaming community and have won our cases, peripherals, and accessories a passionate following. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The CPU cooler’s fans are connected to CPU_FAN headers on the motherboard, the power supply’s fan is wired internally and requires no […] This is my NZXT H1 build, with a 40mm Noctua fan spinning in the upper back of the chassis on the GPU side of the divider. I didn't use this option because there was too much light spill out the back at night and I'm too lazy to turn the RGB on and off every morning and night. The dual-chamber exhaust layout maintains superior cooling for the CPU and GPU, providing each with a dedicated air source. I personally like the route of tiny exhaust fans mod. The primary component fans dwell on the CPU cooler (either a tower fan or radiator fans), the power supply, and the video card. I got a pretty good drop in thermals just from removing the dust filters. The case: NZXT H1. Prime95 with AVX brings it up to 80c. Very pleased with this purchase!! They feature sleek designs and spacious layouts for an organized PC build. 622. Personally I am not a fan of blue switches but if you happen to like them, they feel just as you’d expect them to. Question Nzxt H1 build going with Amd. How about the 'How the fuck do I order one ever' mod? Just installed my Z63, what a beauty! NZXT pauzeert de verkoop van zijn H1-behuizingen, vanwege een probleem waar de PCIe-riser mogelijk kan leiden tot kortsluiting. Hello all. I never used the stock NZXT fan and immediately switched to a 140mm Noctua that I had, so I don't know "stock" temps. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition Review – the big $499 upgrade you have been waiting for? EDIT: I added the improvement that he provide in the post "~5-10° cooler", not a lot of details on it but it's what we have to work with. Thread starter Schumi 01; Start date ... after 2 years drop a 3700x in ( which will have come down in price ) or the newer 4600/X with a bios upgrade he would be getting 4/5 out of the PC with the parts .. ... quite a few have already changed the original fan, with a noctua one. share. I ran a multitude of tests and tried twice making a post on this subreddit with results but each time I had issues and finally all of my text deleted so I said screw it. Close. share. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! NZXT H1 Mini ITX Black Case with PSU (Incluing AIO and Riser Card) CA-H16WR-BB-US The H1 is a powerfully compact ITX chassis. I would love to keep the fans at 800-1,000 RPM because that’s when I notice it drops GPU temps a few degrees but the noise annoys me. NZXT heeft de H1 aangekondigd, een verticale sff-behuizing die het bedrijf inclusief voeding, all-in-one-waterkoeler en pci-e-riserkabel levert. 644. Samsung, ADATA XPG, Patriot, G.Skill RipJaws, Corsair Vengeance, Kingston HyperX. Not the best pic, in the middle of decorating. Do you notice the high pitched sound from the two 140MM fans attached to the back of the case? Love it as a case and more customizable if you're into fiddling with cable management, air cooling, bigger cards, etc. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. I'm not who you're asking, but I have an EVGA 2080Ti Black (horrible 2-slot cooler made for lower TDP cards, reference PCB). It wasn’t a big enough difference in temps, so I took off one of the 140MM Noctuas and am using that as the AIO fan since it’s much quieter than the NZXT fan, and I keep one Noctua on the back of the case as an exhaust at a low RPM. Durch seine Turmbauweise verbraucht Das NZXT H1 auf dem Schreibtisch weniger Platz als ein Din-A4-Blatt. If you want a well made all-inclusive case then the NZXT H1 is very hard to beat. Free delivery and return on eligible orders. Password must contain at least 6 characters, including upper + lowercase and numbers. I dunno, with a vented front panel and a fan or two on the back I think it will work. #BUILDS. I never used the stock NZXT fan and immediately switched to a 140mm Noctua that I had, so I don't know "stock" temps.

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