One of the most widely grown culinary apples of Victorian England, esteemed for its fine flavour and good keeping qualities. This is a small green apple with rough (“russeted”) brown patches. Ripens March/April. Where To Buy British apples and pears are stocked by all good supermarkets. Introduction. With 300 varieties of apple trees we offer the largest range for sale anywhere. Roxbury Russet. 1. Many of the commercial apple varieties we see in grocery stores are hybrids combining the favorite attributes of various heirlooms - namely, predictable traits of size, color, transportability and storage life. It tastes amazing, tart and juicy. Roxbury Russet Apple. 2. High in both sugar and tannins, this makes them a good pair with almost any apple for eating, cooking or cider. This heavy bearing northern russet is native to Minnesota. While russets apples are very flavourful, they are hard and not standard in what you expect from an apple. Egremont Russet was discovered in Sussex, England, in 1872. Crisp, sugary, juicy flesh with flavor described as nutty by some, pear-like by others. Skin partly to almost completely russeted, varying from grayish-green or greenish-yellow to an attractive golden brown with orange highlights. Roxbury Russet. The best know and most popular of the russet apples. It has a tart firm flesh and is an ideal cooking apple. Russet is the term given to the dull brown and rough finish on the skin of some apples. Most people eat their apples whole rather than cut up, according to research conducted by local industry group Aussie Apples. From what I can tell I think they meant Roxbury Russet. The extent of russeting can vary from considerable to minimal, and like many russets it can develop an attractive sun-kissed flush as well. share. The term “Russet Apples” is used to describe apples that have “russeting” on them. Individual apples vary from having little russeting to being completely covered in it. Heirloom Apples. A medium size, bright red apple, Spartan has a firm, crisp texture. The main advice from Aussie Apples is to keep your apples … About Organic St Edmunds Russet Apples . Minnesota 1734 apple - Zone 2 - A russet apple for the North. Delightful old russet apple from 19th century England with an eight-week season. Some of the world’s best tasting apples are grown on our farm. A juicy, dessert apple. In particular, the (presumably hard) cider made from this apple is frequently compared to champagne, which I am inclined to take as hyperbole. We have all the popular varieties plus some newer ones like Royal Gala, Jonagold, Ambrosia, Honey Crisp and Ginger Gold. Harvesting: Mid. GOLDEN RUSSET . The tree is a healthy grower, usually bearing large crops most years, and exhibiting resistance to many apple diseases. The popularity of the stepover apple tree has risen enormously during the last few years. The shape is also distinctive being slightly flattened and doughnut like while being of medium size. Available £17.50 . The resulting apples have the flavour and texture of Egremont Russet, but the skin is a smooth golden-green colour. Egremont russet is a very attractive looking apple with good resistance to scab. Very distinctive rich nutty flavour. Alan, near Petersfield, UK I have a mature Egremont Russet and cannot eat or store all the apples. 9 years ago. Cider, culinary & apples for eating. Russeting is a patch of the apple’s skin that is a different colour from the rest of the apple, and that has a sandpapery, furry texture. So I make wonderful cider with this variety. Its crisp, white flesh is especially juicy with a balanced sweet-tart flavour. Buy top quality apple trees direct from a leading UK specialist producer. Yellow-tinted white flesh is aromatic, firm, crisp, tart, and very juicy. Golden Russet is usually considered to have the best flavor of all American russet apples. We live in the Andover area and are wondering if anyone can tell us where we can buy the Russet variety of apples. The apples have a fine sweet-sour tangyness, and are good for eating, cooking, cider and drying. The most well-known and delicious of the russet apples. The russet refers to where the skin becomes slightly rough and ochre coloured when the apple is fully ripe. Dominic G on Feb 7, 2019 In the majority of cases a russet apple will not have the crunchy flesh of other apples, it … 3 Reviews Ask Questions. 2 Ellison's Orange. hide. It makes a noteworthy apple sauce. It’s really amazing, and maybe somewhat overwhelming, how many varieties of apples exist today! Favorite Answer. And as the ag industry continues to evolve, the amount of apple varieties will continue to grow! The minimum amount is $8.00 per person (this includes children). As well as Cider Apple Trees that bear apples perfectly suited to the task; ... To ensure your growing success and satisfaction, there are a few things to consider when you buy an apple tree. Arkansas Black. Russet apples often exhibit a scent and flavour reminiscent of nuts, and are often very sweet. Spartan. It has a rich russet colour and flavour and a powerful kick because, when made with fully ripe apples, the jiuce has a potential alcohol of >10% if … Courtesy of William Mullan Mullan, whose day job is as a brand manager for Raaka Chocolate, can rhapsodize about apples … Large, roundish-oblate apple with pale greenish-yellow skin strewn with large russet dots, occasionally covered with a delicate pinkish-orange blush. I believe those are heirloom apples dating back to Shakespeare's time. However it is larger than most russet apples. For example, a group of 5 people must purchase $40.00 of apples. Answer Save. Russet apples have been a European favourite since the early 1800s. Whether you’re cooking up a storm or looking for a wholesome snack on the go, there’s a Great British apple for every occasion. There is no minimum purchase if you buy pre-picked apples for sale at the fruitstand. Roxbury Russet: This apple is the oldest American apple, originating early in the 1600’s in Massachusetts. The word "russet" refers to the rough and dull skin found on some apple varieties, older varieties in particular. The Knobbed Russet has a rough exterior, with creamy insides. Medium size. Non GMO, organic, etc. Good disease resistance. We are no longer offering this product. Infact a stepover apple tree is the very smallest tree you can plant. Conical in shape with a very distinctive appearance: a smooth, uniform, grayish-gold or light yellowish-brown russet over the entire surface. At Tullens Fruit Farm we grow traditional varieties of English apples, apples and pears that includes worcester pearmain apple, egremont russet apple, cox's orange pippin apple, scrumptious apple, red windsor apple, spartan apple, james grieve apple, blenheim orange apple, ashmead's kernel apple, lord derby apple, lord lambourne apple, katy apple,jonagold apple, etc. ... Golden Russet Apple (12) $32.99 Golden Sentinel™ Columnar Apple $32.99. This is less of an issue as the tree gets older. Winter hardy, vigorous tree, bears mostly on the tips of branches. Originated: UK 1872. It makes truly exceptional cider and cooks well. Healthy, heavy-cropping tree. The apples are a golden yellow colour and have a nutty flavour with a perfect balance of sweet and sharpness. Anonymous. Heritage apple trees for sale online. British grown, free shipping in UK in 2020/21. Many rare traditional trees. We offer over 25 varieties of apples that are displayed in our Customer Crisp Apple room. Item no longer available. By request of some family, I am trying to buy a couple "Roxbury" apples for them. Malus domestica Egremont Russet. The quintessential English Russet apple, this delectable variety produces showy blossoms in spring that give way to an abundant fruit crop in October-November. -WHERE TO BUY-One of the largest and best-flavored russet apples. Apparently originated in New York as a seedling of English Russet sometime in the 1700s. It has many uses from eating fresh to sweet and savoury salads, juicing and cider. Raised by Mr. Harvey at Bury St Edmunds in 1870. Apples are certainly one of my favorite produce items. Apples are a good source of dietary fibre and vitamin C. It was one of the most widely grown russets in the South. Russet is the term given to the dull brown and rough finish to the skin of some apples. Advice on fruit tree pollination. It is one of the very best of the russet apples. History. Relevance. By Philip Wilson. It is an exceptionally versatile apple and was grown in New England on a commercial basis in the 19th century. Don’t forget to check out local farmers’ markets, greengrocers and farm shops too. Egremont Russet is the most widely grown russet apple. It originated in Wisconsin in 1872. A small, flattish somewhat conical fruit with its relatively tough skin concealing extremely juicy flesh. Stepover apples are very novel – and very small – trees. It looks ugly. And, yes, … It was the last gift my dying Aunt gave me, she loved these apples and bought them every year - the trees will be planted in her memory. The Golden Russet is an old Ontario variety of bittersweet apple and is commonly called as an heirloom, or antique apple. Today it retains a keen following for the excellent quality … Egremont Russet characteristics Apples, and produce in general, are generally divided into two large categories- heirloom and hybrid. Buy Stepover Apple Trees. 5 Answers. 0 comments. Small, round golden-yellow apples with a very sweet, rich vanilla taste. The Northwest Greening Apple is a cross between the Alexander and Golden Russet apples. This rarely found on modern apples because it has been bred out over many decades. Some varieties are entirely russeted, and these may or may not be called ‘russets' - well-known varieties are the mid-season ‘Egremont Russet' and the earlier ‘St Edmund's Pippin'. 6 years ago. Roxbury Russet is a typical russet apple, with a sweet flavor. Naturally nutritious, crunchy and delicious, Great British apples are one of the nation’s best loved fruit. Minimum Purchase of Pick Your Own Apples If you enter the orchard, there is a minimum amount of apples that you must purchase. save. Flowering Group: 2 (Partially self fertile but otherwise pollinated by varieties from groups 1, 2 … Does anyone know any stores, farm stands, or farmers markets where I would be able to buy this particular apple variety?

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