Every bit of information is spelled out for the prospective home buyer to provide the least amount of legwork possible. When she had finished the letter she carried it to her mother and spelled, "Frank letter," and gave it to her brother to take to the post-office. Later, much later, Dean had spelled her, sitting up with Martha, who was far more upset with the prospect of flying Bird Song's nest than she let on during the daylight hours. First steps in learning to spell. You spell the word calendar “c-a-l-e-n-d-ar.” If you don’t know how to spell a word, you can try to sound it out phonetically or look it up in the dictionary. Allan (later spelled Alan), was offered in 1964. Dates and times must be spelled out to give the invitation a formal feel. For decades, nothing has spelled glamour more clearly to women than designer evening dresses. Even in technical writing, sentences shouldn’t begin with numerals. sentence examples. Many funds are restricted to specific purposes spelled out by the donor. Are they proximate to each other? 44- He also promised to buy her a gold ring with her name spelled out in diamonds. Today, he mills one of the oldest wheat varieties known spelled wheat. She spelled, "Helen is good, Viney is bad.". There is no need to spell out simple words for me. CK 1 254335 I don't know how to spell the word. 2 How I wish,there is one person spelled a life love me. 20 examples of simple sentences of “spelled“We tried to find and publish the the words with Simple Sentences of “spelled“ Compound Sentences with “spelled” Complex Sentences with “spelled”Compound-Complex Sentences with spelled in a sentence. Enter Sprouse, who took paint to purse to create the now iconic Monogram Graffiti print, which spelled out the label's name in vivid, bold print atop the otherwise classic brown LV backdrop. and before I could answer, she spelled quickly, "No, no, photographer made me in Sheffield. Demotic grammar ought soon to be thoroughly comprehensible in its forms, and the study of Late Egyptian should not stand far behind that of demotic. Delia's, sometimes spelled Deliah's by unfamiliar shoppers, is a top teen fashion destination. spelled in a sentence 4 Use ‘spelled’ in a sentence | ‘spelled’ example sentences 151- Lee Min-Jeong (Hangul : 이민정; also spelled Lee Min-jung) is a South Korean actress and model. The acai diet, isn't a specific diet spelled out in black and white, but incorporates acai berry products within a healthy diet plan. It can mean “to signify” or “to explain explicitly.” The definition in question is the one that deals with naming, writing, or signing the letters of a word in order. Mr. Gilman spelled to me what I had written, and I made such changes as I thought necessary, and he inserted them. ", Writing of the moment when she learned that everything has a name, she says: We met the nurse carrying my little cousin; and teacher spelled 'baby.'. Tao is pronounced as Dow and is also spelled as Dao. Product information, such as product name, price, and details, are, at the moment, stored in a text file, but I'll soon learn how load them into an SQL database. 45- Details of how the payment changes will be implemented remain to be spelled out. 22- The complete path is implied, rather than being spelled out. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " The country is going through a dry spell. ‘journals have a house style about how to spell’. The identification is rendered uncertain by the fact that the name Nabataean is properly spelled with t not t (on the inscriptions, cf. Thus the name of the deity, which enters as an element in a large proportion of the proper names,' was almost invariably written with the sign or signs representing this deity, and it is only exceptionally that the name is spelled phonetically. How to use odd in a sentence. If we even stop for an instant to ask ourselves how a word ought to be spelled, the deeper we ponder that one word by itself the more hopeless grows the hesitation. 14- Both words are spelled out completely in descriptive legends. 50- While this announcement spelled good news for the country, this was clearly bad news for the FNM. It is better to prevent their negative comments by applying online sentence checker to every page of your writing. The details and requirements should be spelled out in the initial interview so that prospective parents know immediately if they can proceed with that particular agency. Spelled. Spell in a sentence 1. Similar words: spell, sell out, smell out, compelled, compelling, all out, go all out, fill out. To Spell in a sentence Short Example Sentence for To Spell . Is this one of those British English versus American English spelling dif… Prior to that invasion the gods, when mentioned in monuments, are always represented by animals, and these animals are the object of strictly local worship. Ninety-five percent of the native trees and 75% of the feed crops survived the drought. 20- In England, “realising” is spelled thus. speltause the language is tonal, the same spelled word can have several different meanings. She screamed with glee when the little things squealed and squirmed in their efforts to get back to their mother, and spelled, "Baby--eat large. 20- In England, “realising” is spelled thus. 3. The name Sasquatch is a phonetically spelled Indian word meaning "wild man" since early stories portrayed the Sasquatch as a wild human. 6. The name of Winfrey's production company, Harpo, is Oprah spelled backwards. It is only by the most careful scrutiny, or the exercise of the most piercing insight, that the imperfectly spelled Egyptian has been made to yield up one grammatical secret after another in the light brought to bear upon it from Coptic. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 37- All are spelled out and known to family members. Then I showed her the doll and spelled the word again, holding the doll toward her as I held the cake. 31- However, the suggested sequence is spelled out below. Finally, in the year 1645, a settlement was established near the site of the present borough hall, and was called Breuckelen (also spelled Breucklyn, Breuckland, Brucklyn, Broucklyn, Brookland and Brookline) until about the close of the 18th century, when its orthography became fixed as Brooklyn. Towards 1325 we hear of him as preaching with great effect 1 The name is variously spelled: Eckehart, Eckart, Eckhard. ‘The first twenty pages of my first book are filled with nothing but … If you check their acceptable food list for the Induction Phase, you'll see what is allowed spelled out clearly. A draw spelled compromise. 47- The crash spelled the end of the U.S. military’s flying aircraft carrier program. Why is n't phonetic spelled the way is sounds? When a psychologist asked her if Miss Keller spelled on her fingers in her sleep, Miss Sullivan replied that she did not think it worth while to sit up and watch, such matters were of so little consequence. 6- You spelled ” lose” correctly, twice ! spelt baker had someone asking for soda bread and another for spelled bread, both of which he can make. We need it to complete the clause in the sentence. As the cool stream gushed over one hand she spelled into the other the word water, first slowly, then rapidly. Discipline procedures should be spelled out to the babysitter. Miss Keller puts her fingers lightly over the hand of one who is talking to her and gets the words as rapidly as they can be spelled. Jun 08 2019 17:15:36. MONTERREY (usually spelled Monterey in English), a city of Mexico and capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, 606 m. David was the second child of his parents, Neil Livingston (for so he spelled his name, as did his son for many years) and Agnes Hunter. Translations of the phrase ARE SPELLED from english to french and examples of the use of "ARE SPELLED" in a sentence with their translations: Check that all the keywords are spelled … Deva Pein (sometimes spelled Pain) is an antagonist in the Naruto manga and anime series. You can easily memorize the word and the meaning of “spelled”and This is a fast way of learning the meaning of “spelled” with example sentences. 1. 4. PORPOISE (sometimes spelled Porpus and Porpesse), a name derived from the 0. Posted 5-Aug-2006 Sat 09:10] Malc Its the people who do betty (betting botts) or however it is spelled. The Herkie is sometimes spelled as "Herky" and often misspelled as "Hurkie" or "Hurky". | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The artificers accused the company of subverting their grants, misappropriating the funds 1 Properly the word should be spelled, as it was originally, "mistery;" it comes through the 0. ", I taught her the word "puppy" and drew her hand over them all, while they sucked, and spelled "puppies.". Note that abbreviations, with the exception of salutations such as Mr., Ms., or Dr., are always spelled out. After 1834 The Bridgwater (occasionally seen spelled as Bridgewater) Poor Law Union formally came into being on 11th May 1836. Zoltán Király + 1. uote . There are many cases of watches with the brand name spelled incorrectly or with other blatant errors. As a child I loved to sit on his knee and clasp his great hand with one of mine, while Miss Sullivan spelled into the other his beautiful words about God and the spiritual world. Forums Grammar & Sentence Structure 1 + 0. If you are a woman, you'll have to assume that the sizes "small", "medium" and "large", are meant for you (even though the word "women" is not spelled out in front of the size, unlike the "men's" collection). You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with “spelled”. The spelling of this name is by most authorities given as Becknell, which is thought to be correct. She was much interested in the feeding process, and spelled "mother-dog" and "baby" several times. 21- He has kept it spelled that way ever since. More Sentences: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – Related Words:spell – spellbind – spellbinder – spellbinders – spellbinding – spellbinds – spellbound – spelled – speller – spellers – spelling – spellings – spells – spelts – spelunker –. The name is here spelled correctly. [with object] 1 Write or name the letters that form (a word) in correct sequence. 19- Words were spelled right, the vocabulary was broad. Mihr or Mithras and Feridoun or Thraetaona, the slayer of Ajis (or Azi) Dahaka, also Nariman, spelled Nairimanau, are familiar figures in the old Persian pantheon. How to use spelt in a sentence. 4. 3- Every word spelled correctly earns you points. ‘Dolly spelled her name’. But Bordeaux was an unusually good-looking man - and that spelled trouble. For example, the word 'apartment' is similar, but spelled slightly differently in French. Yes. Chanel 4150: What makes this pair stand out from all the rest is that here, instead of the traditional "C" logo, the world "Chanel" is spelled out in big, beautiful, bold lettering. : 2. But instantly she spelled the answer: "Fifteen threes make forty-five.". It is noteworthy that though words were so freely spelled in alphabetic characters, especially in the time of the Old Kingdom, no advance was ever made towards excluding the cumbersome word-signs and biliteral phonograms, which, by a judicious use of determinatives, might well have been rendered quite superfluous. How do you spell your name? In fact her last name was originally spelled "Foxx" until her father, Franklin, dropped the extra x from his name. The millionaire games have you picking which one of the four answers is spelled correctly in order to climb the money ladder. One of the girls taught her to dance the polka, and a little boy showed her his rabbits and spelled their names for her. centresign to the city center is spelled in the American way ' center ' . 3. Meaning: v. 1. make explicit; specify in detail 2. spell fully and without abbreviating 3. orally recite the letters of or give the spelling of. Remember that most weddings are not formal nowadays, and chances are guests will not pick up on the dress code unless it is officially spelled out for them. 49- This story has been corrected to show that the lawyer’s name is spelled Zarie, not Zarea. The word's origin is Nahuatl ahuacatl , a word meaning `testicle,' because of the similarity of the shape of the fruit. Teresa Giudice, whose name is frequently incorrectly spelled as "Teresa Guidice", of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, knows how to keep her name in the headlines. Although similarly spelled words in the two languages sometimes have different meanings, recognizing cognates is enough to help you out when you first begin translating. Then how would it be to spell it wrong on purpose? On the other hand, Middle Egyptian, and still mote Old Egyptian, which is separated from Middle Egyptian by a wide gap, will perhaps always be to us little more than consonantal skeletons, the flesh and blood of their vocalization being for the most part irretrievably lost. Always focus on the learning on sentences with “spelled“ We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word spelled in a sentence. Example: (Using your sentence) “It might take nine (9) or ten (10) minutes.” The rent is not hereby spoiled as the Christians might say. From the beginning of my education Miss Sullivan made it a practice to speak to me as she would speak to any hearing child; the only difference was that she spelled the sentences into my hand instead of speaking them. Spell definition: When you spell a word, you write or speak each letter in the word in the correct order. 1095056 Tom couldn't spell very well. PHYSIOGNOMY, the English form of the middle Greek 4uo-coyvwµia, a contraction of the classical ciuotoyvcoµovia (from qSvQCs, nature, and yvc'oµwv, an interpreter), (i) a term which denotes a supposed science for the " discovery of the disposition of the mind by the lineaments of the body " (Bacon); (2) is also used colloquially as a synonym for the face or outward appearance, being variously spelled by the old writers: fysenamy by Lydgate, phisnomi in Udall's translation of Erasmus on Mark iv., physnomie in Bale's English Votaries (i. aestivare, to spend the aestas, or summer; the word is sometimes spelled "estivation"), literally "summer residence," a term used in zoology for the condition of torpor into which certain animals pass during the hottest season in hot and dry countries, contrasted with the similar winter condition known as hibernation. Mother and daughter bracelets are often personalized with names that are spelled out in alphabet letter beads. 3. After the third question, the board spelled out O-P-E-N-Y-O-U-G-I-V-E. Tad's subsequent return to Pine Valley spelled a certain end to the unpopular relationship between Dixie and Brian. The massive Labor victory declared on 26 July 1945 effectively spelled ruin for all parties which had benefited from the electoral truce. Sentence Examples In a devastating four minute spell with a quarter of an hour to go, they threw the league race wide open. Curette-Also spelled curet; a small loop or scoop-shaped surgical instrument with sharpened edges that can be used to remove tissue, growths, or debris. I don't know how to spell your name. The following recipes all use wholemeal wheat flour or spelled flour. Hat pins, also spelled hatpins, have been in use since the Middle Ages. You can see the various types of badges on the Scouting website, but the placement of the various insignia is spelled out more precisely on the Insignia Guide. Synonym Discussion of odd. But, use the word percent if the number appears at the start of the sentence with a spelled-out number. 39- Be sure you have spelled the name correctly. 1. dove (n) /dʌv/ (n) /dəʊv/ So as a noun this is a type of bird, right and it's pronounced dove. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Avocado was borrowed from Spanish and was originally spelled aguacate . 8- McMillan spelled out three themes underlying the plan. If you are in the car, have him spell from the back seat. Probably by the same artist, though his name was spelled differently, were the bronze doors of San Paolo fuori le Mura, Rome, careful drawings of which exist, though the originals were destroyed in the fire of 1824. Simple Present Tense Wh-Questions Fill in Exercise No 26, Simple Present Tense Wh-Questions Multi Choice Exercise No 25. The words, The Twilight Saga, are spelled out on the first necklace. The Kymaro Bodyshaper (more commonly spelled as "Body Shaper") is touted as a great step forward in shapewear, smoothing bulges and reducing inches while also being comfortable to wear. Her name was spelled wrong. They may not rhyme or be spelled properly, but daddies understand them completely. I was continually spelling and acting out the words as I spelled them. In such cases write the number out in words or rephrase the sentence so that the number doesn’t begin the sentence. Spelled in a sentence. 7. Usually numbers below ten are also spelled out within a sentence, while numerals are used for any number above ten. Use spelledAbove in a sentence, spelledAbove meaning?, spelledAbove definition, how to use spelledAbove in a sentence, use spelledAbove in a sentence with examples: Recently Searched › spelledAbove [ˈspelbīnd] › Ancestry [ˈanˌsestrē] › Maddening [ˈmad(ə)niNG] 9- The underlying themes have been spelled out already. 2- Never assume how names are spelled either. Gorgeous mixed into spelled pasta or as a spread in toasted sandwiches. ", Helen shook her head and spelled "Baby teeth--no, baby eat--no," meaning of course, "Baby cannot eat because she has no teeth. 6. 16- Once three words are spelled , the game is completed. verb spelled, British spelt. spelter 1834 The Bridgwater (occasionally seen spelled as Bridgewater) Poor Law Union formally came into being on 11th May 1836. spelt following recipes all use wholemeal wheat flour or spelled flour. Antrim, and spelled the family name "McKinlay.". 7. The teacher taught the children how to spell each word by sounding out each of the syllables. 43- That’s one reason the FCC spelled out its rationale in a 400 page document. 152- ‘Fellemberg’ (also spelled ‘Fellenberg’) produces cherry-red roses throughout the summer and autumn. Dove. Spell out definition is - to make plain. Dates and times are spelled out, rather than conveyed with numerals. I was continually spelling and acting out the words as I spelled them. 2. Also, read the message out loud to ensure everything sounds right and is spelled correctly. 3. The line between nontechnical and technical content is sometimes blurry. Team projects and dissertation requirements are spelled out in the course requirements for study. These claims are spelled out in detail in an e-book written by Jim Humble, which can be downloaded from the website in two parts. A mistake on a school paper led to "Emmit" being spelled "Emmitt". (dizzy, fainting) " He's going through a tough spell right now. 10- They are even spelled almost the same! After all, he or she can see their name, or initials spelled out in beautiful script right there on the case, and the amount of pride that can invoke may lead to other self-affirming characteristics. An example of this is the surname Averitt, which is sometimes spelled as Averitte, Averit, Averille or Avrit. This information should be spelled out clearly in the contract. 13- The letters spelled have fun out doors. The next day, while exercising, she spelled to me, "Helen wind fast," and began to walk rapidly. (magic, magical, powerful, hypnotic) Used with verbs: " She is going through a bad spell right now. Sentence count:67+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-29Updated:2016-12-29. Instead of a control window and a result window that show blue lines when you are pregnant, the digital pregnancy test features only one easy to read window with the results spelled out in words. Officials often spelled the surname phonetically, as they were not familiar with the language of the immigrant. The letter spelled out major reforms and austerity measures linked to a massive bailout of the Indonesia economy. All Rights Reserved. Nearly all of Coxes contemporaries, however, spelled it Seckel, the spelling now in common use. 5. I gave her an object, and she spelled the name (she knows twelve now). Yet even the most educated amongst us might consider tossing out those rules in favor of a name that is spelled or pronounced strangely. The logo is the word " Ducks " spelled out with a webbed foot for the " D ". You'll also learn which Latin or Greek word each of the variations stems from and why British English is spelled one way and American English is another. Discipline procedures should be spelled out to the babysitter. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Spell" in Example Sentences Page 1. More example sentences. So I want you to keep looking for these clues as we go through this lesson okay keep looking for the types of words in each sentence as a clue for how to pronounce them. There was a long-running discussion about it and 'spelled' won 10 votes to 8. 27- Contract should be clearly spelled to your clients. 5. The first movie, Gojira, as the character's name is spelled in its original language, was released in 1954. The baker had someone asking for soda bread and another for spelled bread, both of which he can make. She spelled it right. 38- The group won whatever foods they spelled correctly for the week. However, while the "men" sizes are explicitly spelled out, those for women are not. The word as spelled represents the pronunciation of the Cape Dutch milje, an adaptation of milho (da India), the millet of India, the Portuguese name for millet, used in South Africa for maize. This is a white pair of trunks with a contrasting red band, and on the back of the trunks this slogan is spelled out in capital; bold lettering- -lettering no one will miss. 21- He has kept it spelled that way ever since. Random good picture Not show. Three months and a half after the first word was spelled into her hand, she wrote in pencil this letter. Together, these factors spelled trouble for car manufacturers and dealers. speltgeous mixed into spelled pasta or as a spread in toasted sandwiches. Example sentences for: spelled How can you use “spelled” in a sentence? 100 examples: The school was operated very efficiently - procedures were spelled out and… So you know what a grind it is to spell right. Mihr or Mithras and Feridoun or Thraetaona, the slayer of Ajis (or Azi) Dahaka, also Nariman, spelled Nairimanau… Mnemonics (yes its spelled right) are memory jogging devices which can help your memory greatly. Finally, it slowly spelled out, "K-I-L-L-E-D M-Y-S-E-L-F" and then started to move in a faster figure eight as though agitated. Baby bracelet: Before hospitals used plastic bands, they used elasticized ID bracelets with either blue or pink beads with the infant's last name spelled out in white beads with black lettering. It was a difficult matter to spell her down. 18- Her name is spelled in Japanese materials. Few men now spell out the word "maths". Have I Spelled This Sentence Correctly? The French word 'merci' is pronounced very differently from how it is spelled. For a time the raspings spelled nothing intelligible. 36- His destiny is nowhere spelled out, nor is his duty. Examples of spell in a sentence, how to use it. Miss Annie's pretty much spelled it out in black and white in this here journal, even if it was in code. One little chap, about seven, was persuaded to learn the letters, and he spelled his name for Helen. While there is an actor whose last name is spelled with an "o" instead of an "e", there aren't any notable sunglass styles associated with him or his work. Everything you need to know is spelled out on the Samaritan's Purse website. How to use spell out in a sentence. 24- First off Guru is spelled with a “u”. Arnold spelled out his letters one by one until the last was finished. "Ben 10 Alien Force" is spelled out on the bag in a bright, lime green. 5- Basic techniques are almost never spelled out. (tough, bad) " He was under a magic spell of a local witch. 32- The area and ward are officially spelled with two separate words. 23- The relief when the final grand law is spelled out. Nontechnical Content versus Technical Content . We dined a tad late at bouchon, a restaurant for some reason spelled with a small "b," deemed by some reviewers as the best of Santa Barbara. One can do anything if the way (path) is straight. 1- Our 44 sounds are spelled 400+ different ways. After talking about the various things that carpenters make, she asked me, "Did carpenter make me?" 35- And various other prohibitions on government activity are spelled out. 26- It’s more commonly spelled “da kine”. Reb and I went to the Tracey Emin exhibition at the City Gallery and it drove me crazy because Emin can't spell . —————————This site is designed to teach you English words in context with collocations with the help of example sentences. We produce wholemeal organic spelled flour that will bake a highly nutritious loaf, full of flavor. Make sure that the names of everyone included are spelled correctly. Before either girl opened her mouth, it spelled out the word - H-E-L-L-O. Yes. The powerful God of Thunder (according to Japanese mythology), Raiden (sometimes spelled Rayden), is rumoured to have received a personal invitation by Shang Tsung to participate in the tournament. 6 Main Reasons to Use Online Sentence Corrector . Recent years have spelled hard times for U.S. automakers. How do you spell 'juice'? 4. 2. One of the things you'll love about this site is that it is very straight forward (there are no flashing banners) and that all of their services are clearly spelled out. 42- Shakespeare spelled his own name several different ways. Ten is always spelled out if it is at the beginning of a sentence. Thus, for instance, the name of Tethmosis IILMNFJPRRis spelled (o e~e~m (as R is the name of the sun-god, with customary deference to the deity it is written first though pronounced last). Bassinets, also sometimes spelled bassinettes, are small, basket-like beds used for babies from birth to about four months. An obvious place to start is the dictionary. Quickly the board spelled out - Y-O-U-R-H-O-U-S-E-T-O-N-I-G-H-T. After moments of vague circling, the young man and his friends repeatedly asked who was there, give us your name, etc. This movement spelled danger to the small principalities and to the free cities, but it gave a powerful impetus to the growth of Brandenburg, of Saxony, of Bavaria and of the Palatinate, and the future of the country seemed likely to remain with the particularist and not with the national idea. For example, when looking for the last name Shackelford, which may be spelled Shackleford, you can search for Shack*ford. She was a large woman, with elaborately braided hair, and gold necklace with a charm that had her name spelled out in script: Denise.. Drew pulled up in front of NuWay Café, the name spelled out in white on a red and yellow awning..

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